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Krill is a php Framework based on the MVC2 paradigm.



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Xbmc-plugin-day9 - Plugin for XBMC

Casts from the awesome guy Sean "Day9" Plott. Please send me feedback and ideas with features you want to see! ---

krill - :newspaper: The hacker's way of keeping up with the world.

Krill are filter feeders. True to its namesake, krill filters feeds. It is not picky about its diet, and will happily consume RSS, Atom, CDF and even Twitter feeds (no credentials required!). It aggregates feed items from all sources you specify, filters out those that interest you, and displays them as a live stream of clean, legible command line output.

2008se - '08-2 Software Engineering Team Project - KRiLL

위키문서 목차로 가기 '02 노승환 '04 ��재 '05 김�연 '06 �대현

krill - Test Project

Test Project


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jquery-mega-demos - Demo repo for jQuery plugins MegaWhale and MegaKrill.

Demo repo for jQuery plugins MegaWhale and MegaKrill.

node-krill - simple boolean filter language

simple boolean filter language