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STK: a Small (Matlab/GNU Octave) Toolbox for Kriging



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GsTL is a C++ library that provides a comprehensive set of tools and algorithms for geostatistics. The algorithms provided include kriging, cokriging, sequential simulation and p-field simulation.

Geofd - Una librería en R para el análisis de datos funcionales

Descripción generalgeofd implements some methods for making spatial prediction of functional correlated data, proposed in the PhD Thesis Geoestatistical Analysis of Funciontal Data by Ramón Giraldo, a profesor and researcher of the Department of Statistic of the National University of Colombia. Justificación del desarrolloThe implementation corresponds to a project dissertation for the degree of systems engineer of a student in the same university. The product will be released as part of the

Pdi-op - toolbox for geological resource/open pit reserves

OP (Open Pit) is a suite of programs that have evolved within Placer Dome Inc. Vancouver’s Evaluations Group since the 1970’s, whose purpose is to build computer models of an orebody from drillhole data and to compute geological resources, mineable reserves and staged development from those models. There are about twenty significant programs and numerous auxiliary programs comprising OP. These amount to more than 100,000 lines of Fortran and 60,000 line of C. /-------------------------------

Adams-ale - Locating Aquifers through Geostatistic Modeling

This project interpolates unknown values using spatial similarity. It is window based using wxWidgets and visualization in OpenGl. Written in C++. Around the world, especially in New Mexico, water is a crucial to our survival. In deserts, groundwater is the major source of usable water and finding groundwater is hard and drains resources. Geostatistics can create a fairly accurate model of an entire area from limited medium samples, making the unearthing of potable water more efficient. We are g

Rsclastools - IDL code for generation of basic canopy and terrain products from discrete-return lida

RSC LAS ToolsCurrent version: 1.9.2 (Modification history) RSC LAS ToolsDESCRIPTIONFUNCTIONALITYINSTALLATION AND USEDEPENDENCIESTROUBLESHOOTINGREFERENCES DESCRIPTIONSome IDL routines were written pre-2005 for command-line processing of ASCII Optech ALTM 3025 Lidar data in time-sequential format. Subsequent use of these routines for other projects resulted in the development of a GUI interface and support for LAS format files. This software is not actively developed and better tools now exist for

Krige.jl - Kriging estimators in Julia

Kriging estimators in Julia


A simple kriging module in python

stochastic-kriging-matlab - the MATLAB core implementation of stochastic kriging project

the MATLAB core implementation of stochastic kriging project


A regression Kriging code written in Python

stochastic-kriging - The all-in-one repository that contain the stochastic kriging project

The all-in-one repository that contain the stochastic kriging project