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The well-known KQ console-style RPG.




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quot;The Betrayerquot; is an original RPG adventure written to run on a modified version of the KQLives engine (see http://kqlives.sourceforge.net). Join Corin in his adventure to save the King, who is imprisoned deep in the Citadel of Akanthos.

Kqthebetrayer - A stand-alone RPG made with the KQLives engine.

"The Betrayer" is an RPG adventure written to run under the KQLives engine (see http://kqlives.sourceforge.net). KQthebetrayer is a stand-alone game and is completely separate from mainline KQlives. The engine and graphics are almost the same to KQlives. The Story: In a land surrounded by the vastness of oceania there were three kingdoms, that of Akanthos, Diduma, and Krayiet. After a brutal war the king of Diduma was captured by the forces of Akanthos. The kingdom of Diduma was then placed unde

kqthebetrayer - Classic RPG game based on KQlives engine

Classic RPG game based on KQlives engine