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KProject ist designed for freelancer to manage contacts with customers or other persons. It stores the datas in a postgresql database and its datas in relations between customers, persons and contacts.



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Kprojects - UO tools

What will you find here: NEW! UO:SA Loader 2.2 - Supports clients! UO:SA Loader 2.1 - Supports clients. As usual i am not responsable for the use you make of the program, it was written for educational purpose. No source will be given. UO:SA Loader does no more contains Encryption removal option for enhanced client since version 2.0. Read the .txt inside the package to know why. UO:Reader 0.52 - My tribute to InsideUO. This program can load followings uops: AnimationFrame Str

Kproject - Autotool project generator

Autotool project generator

kproject - Symfony 1.4 project

Symfony 1.4 project