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An Open Source Solid Modelling Kernel based upon a relational database such as e.g. MySQL. KoSMos will implement the geometry and topology operations of a modern, full featured solid modelling kernel.




Related Projects


Space Flight Simulator.

Kosmos File System (KFS)

Kosmos distributed file system provides high performance combined with availability and reliability. It is intended to be used as the backend storage infrastructure for data intensive apps such as, search engines, data mining, grid computing etc.

Kosmos - A virtual 3D universe in your web browser.

A virtual 3D universe in your web browser.


cp1-sim enables the user to simulate the famous KOSMOS CP1 educational computer from the 1980's on any PC or Mac. Give us some feedback! :)

Mapreduce-lite - A C++ implementaton of MapReduce without distributed filesystem

MapReduce Lite is a C++ implementation of the MapReduce programming paradigm. It is Lite because it does not rely on a distributed filesystem -- it uses local filesystem; does not have a dynamic task scheduling system -- the map/reduce tasks were scheduled before the parallel job is started; has almost zero deployment / configuration cost -- just link the MapReduce Lite library statically to your program and run it. As a lite implementation, MapReduce Lite does not support auto failover. But it

Ningsys - Ningsys

Operating System for "New-Web": Database - Hypertable, HBase; FileSystem - KosmosFS; Map-Reduce - Hadoop.

KosmoSol Distributed Desktop Search

Distributed Desktop Search is the first attempt to enhance a wide-used file sharing software (Limewire) with the capabilities of a desktop search application, namely Google Desktop Search. The goal is to evolve from file-sharing to content-sharing.