Knockout Serializer

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Knockout Serializer



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Minikos - mini version od KOS

miniKOS is student project of CTU in Prague.


CapROS is an experimental capability-based operating system, based on EROS, KeyKOS, and Gnosis. Ports exist for the Intel IA-32 and ARM9 architectures.

Ukos - RTOS for embedded systems

RTOS and OS tailored for small embedded systems. uKOS is a multitasking realtime operating system. Visit the web site

Java and REST bindings for KOS

JOnto delivers an open framework for utilize various well established knowledge organization systems, including DMoz, WordNet or DDC. The aim is to make access to that ontologies as painless as possible - by cloacking all RDF related issues in meaningful

Kossher-answering - Answer Engine based on unreliable sources and algorithms

KosSher Answering uses most of unproved and unreliable algorithms and knowledge sources, to achieve stupidity in question answering. The project is in design phase.

Kos-mos - collection of test codes of computational geometry

Kos-mosAbout this projectsThis project publish results of my test implementation mainly for my learning. I wish you use them as help your learning. Note that all of them are being developped and can be changed without notice. present contents Mikowski Sum: minkowski sum and collision detection by MPR method in 2D.

Grx-ekos - GRX Group Ekos

eKos TeamTo view the source code: Click on 'Source' tab. Click on 'Browse' tab. You should see a directory listing: 'branches', 'trunk', 'wiki', and 'tags'. The source code is in the 'trunk/protected' directory. To use SVN, I suggest downloading TortoiseSVN.

Webkursi - Samples and course materials for a Java-based Web technology course

This repository under "songs" contains song source texts in LilyPond as well as the results of LilyPond processing (including PNG images, SVG images, MIDI sound files, and lyrics+metainformation in XML). The project also contains some Scala, Java, Ant tools to automate certain LilyPond processing tasks. We continue with project description in Latvian. Dziesmu projekta mērķiDaudzi dzied�t�ji, pašdarbības kolektīvi u.c. pieredz, ka dziesmu v�rdi un notis j�meklē daž�dos druk�tos kr�j