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Korat is a tool for constraint-based generation of structurally complex test inputs for Java programs.




Related Projects

Korattester - An Eclipse plugin that generates test cases for testing methods.

This is an Eclipse plugin that implements the Korat algorithm to generate test candidates for Java programs. Korat is 'a novel framework for automated testing of Java programs. Given a formal specification for a method, Korat uses the method precondition to automatically generate all (nonisomorphic) test cases up to a given small size. Korat then executes the method on each test case, and uses the method postcondition as a test oracle to check the correctness of each output.' From 'Korat: Automa

Koratongrails - Integration of Korat tool with Grails testing infrastructure

Grails is a web application framework that uses the design by convention paradigm. It uses the Groovy dynamic programming language which is byte-code compatible with Java. It also comes with a rich test environment that has unit testing, mocking, stubbing, and integration testing. Grails is a model-view-controller (MVC) framework and model (domain) classes can use constraint closures (anonymous code blocks) to check the state of an object. Due to Groovy's compatibility with Java, Grails' rich te

Repokenhancement - Verification and Validation of Software - course Project

Converting a poorly represented repOk to a more useful one to achieve better importance

Korat-for-csharp - Extends the Korat testing framework to automatically generate test cases for C#

Korat for C# is a tool for constraint-based generation of structurally complex test inputs for C# programs. Structurally complex means that the inputs are structural (e.g., represented with linked data structures) and must satisfy complex constraints that relate parts of the structure e.g., invariants for linked data structures). Based on Korat for Java: http://korat.sourceforge.net/

korat-lang - Compiler for the Korat language

Compiler for the Korat language

kgc - Korat Golang Compiler

Korat Golang Compiler

dekorator - deKorator Window Decoration Themeing

deKorator Window Decoration Themeing