Kopete IM Client (KDE)

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Kopete is a flexible and extendable multiple protocol instant messaging system designed as a plugin-based system.




Related Projects

Hamsi Singer

Your Listening soung`s all informations (Artist,Title,Album,Cover,Lyrics...) to Kopete. Hamsi Singer is extention for amarok 2.x and Kopete(KDE4).

Yakopi - Yahoo! Messenger/Kopete/Pidgin Archives Converter

YaKoPi is a pure Python module for reading and writing (and effectively, converting) Yahoo! message archives of Yahoo! Messenger (r), Kopete (rw), and Pidgin (rw). >>> import yakopi>>> # Parse a Kopete log file>>> kop = yakopi.kopete_parse('/home/konqi/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs/\\... YahooProtocol/konqi/katie.200802.xml')>>> kop.to_kopete() # return the content as a Kopete log file (XML)>>> # save the content as a Pidgin log file>>> kop.to_pidgin(outdir='/tmp') # saved as 2008-02-<day>.<time>.

Kopete Antispam

Kopete plugin, which allow to ignore spam messages by using simple answer/question scheme. Плагин для Kopete, фильтрующий спам, за счет использования схемы вопрос/ответ.

Gadium - gtk / python implentation of Adium Xtras Messages Styles

This project intent to make use of the Adium Xtras Messages Styles, CSS/HTML/JS IM themes used by Adium, and more recently Kopete, in order to display messages in a chat window, using pygtk, mozembed widget and hopefully gtkhtml2 as soon as we figure out a way to use Javascript with it.

Simdinemidinliyorum - Åžimdi Ne Mi DinliyoruM? (What Am I Listening Now?)

Your Listening soung`s all informations (Artist,Title,Album,Cover,Lyrics...) to Kopete. Şimdi Ne Mi DinliyoruM? (What Am I Listening Now?) is extention for amarok 2.x and Kopete(KDE4). English language added to V0.4 of Şimdi Ne Mi DinliyoruM? (What Am I Listening Now?). Şimdi Ne Mi Söylüyor? added to V0.5 of Şimdi Ne Mi DinliyoruM? (What Am I Listening Now?). Features : Show Album Cover In Avatar Show Atrist Name Show Soung Title Show Album Name Show Soung`s Current Time Show Path Of Soung

Smileylibmaker - An emoticon library generator which supports several instant messing applications

What the … ?SmileyLibMaker is a java application which helps building emoticon librairies for various instant messanging applications.Currently supported client/formats are:* Adium (really working)* Kopete (should be working well, too)* Gaim (still has issues because the smiley “keyword� can not contain spaces)* Miranda + SmileyAdd plugin (has issues because it would need to convert images to the .ico format)* Miranda + ieview plugin (not sure it works at all?)More info at http://incongru.

Kopete-xfire - Xfire protocol plugin for Kopete

AboutKopete Xfire is a protocol plugin that enables access to the Xfire gaming network through Kopete. FeaturesFeature

Kopete-messenger - Kopete Messenger plugin

Kopete Messenger plugin for windows Live Messenger 8.11 work for KDE4 Kopete implement the MSNP15 protocol

Imglue - Convert between chat log formats of any IM client.

News27 Apr 2007 - Project begins. AimThe aim of IMglue project is to create a framework capable of converting between any two IM (instant messaging) client's chat logs, thus giving users possibility to migrate their logs when they decide to change their IM client. Beyond that, future plans include possibly creating a log viewer with strong search capabilities (since not all clients provide a good viewer).