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Kontroller is a program for cyber-cafes management written with Python and PyQt3 module. Control the time for each user, also startup, shutdown, lock and unlock computes. Kontroller is based in SSH and LDAP to store information about users and computers.




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The KontrollerLab is an IDE for developing software for Atmel(r) AVR(c) microcontrollers using the avr-gcc compiler, the uisp and the avrdude upload software.


KontrolPack is a cross-platform network controller. The objective is to improve system interoperability by connecting computers, regardless of their operating system. Remote access, remote shell, file transfer, etc...

Arkiconkf - Conecta KF a SAP

Capa de conexión entre KontrolFrux y SAP

Kontrol - Open Source Security Platform

Kontrol is a web-based open source security toolkit for system and network administrators! It provides the most essential and often used tools needed by administrators. Kontrol also provides more mobility while using the tools has also provides more freedom to the administrator, since all the software is running on a server, that has much more CPU power and Bandwidth comparing to desktops or workstations. Also, as the software is running on server side on HTTP protocol, theres no need to stress

Cli-kontroler - small few line interactive ascii controllers

small few line interactive ascii controllers... at the moment just simple slider is implemented and the only real function is alsamixer...USAGE:it is meant to be used in ipython interactive shell http://ipython.scipy.org/:in ipython in the directory where CLIKontroler.py sits try:{{{_ip.magic("run CLIKontroler.py")n = KontrolersRek()n.addSlajdKontroler('a', 's', 0, 0, 100, 100, 'prvi_slajder')n.getBars()[0].subscribers.append(VolMixSub(ossaudiodev.SOUND_MIXER_PCM))n.runSlajdKontrolers()}}}then c

F241-a - Uçuş,Elektronik ve Yazılım

Uçuş dinamiklerini kontrol edebilmek için hazırlanmış Elektronik bileşenler ve Bunlarla İlgili Yazılım.

Krkdroid - Kukukk Remote Kontrol for Android

Remote control applications on your PC from your mobile phone running Android. It contains 2 components. krklinux - the server, running on the PC. It is written in python. krkdroid - the client, running on Android. The communication is based on the android-xmlrpc client (Thanks for it). Default username = "krkdroid", password = "changeit". Right now, you can control with it: Amarok, TVtime, Vlc and the volume...

Jurfa - basit ve tüy-siklet java mvc kütüphanesi :: "acısız mvc" (simple and light-we

jurfa çok basit ve tüy-siklet mvc kütüphanesidir. Annotation'lar yardımıyla kontrol, değer yükleme ve basit validasyonlar sağlar. Google App Engine için tasarlanmıştır. jurfa is very simple and light-weight mvc framework. it uses annotations for control, field binding and simple validation. It designed for Google App Engine.

Coksilahsorlar - multi robot system controlled via intelligent vision space

AbstractThis project's goal is to develop a multi robot system which controlled in an intelligent vision space. These robots will easily find paths in a random obstacle environment and after finding paths, they will choose most reasonable path in according to their mission. Details can be find in our wiki. ÖzetBu projenin amacı akıllı görüntü alanı içinde çok robotlu sistemin kontrolünü geliştirmektir. Bu robotlar rastgele engellere sahip çevrelerde kolayca yollarını bulabilecek


Kontrole za WinForms