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KompoZer is a wysiwyg HTML editor using the Mozilla Composer codebase. As Nvu's development has been stopped in 2005, KompoZer fixes many bugs and adds a few useful features.




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T2c-eclipse-plug-in - T2C Eclipse Plugin

T2C technology overviewT2C test technology provided by ISP RAS (Institute of System Programming Russian Academy of Sciences) has shown really good results in several tasks. Current statet2c-tests development is quite complicated and difficult process. There are a few tasks from which development process consists of. All of them are done using separate tools written by various authors or development teams (certainly, not all of them are supported now): requirements markup - KompoZer + ReqMarkup p


An example how to create a custom iPhone horizontal slider control


An example how to create a custom iPhone control, that looks like the new flash toggling ui element inside the default camera app (since 4.0)

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