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Kolorizer is a KDE application to make it easy to modify colors in files like: css, gtkrc etc.




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Kolorpicker - Jquery kolorPicker

A simple jquery component to display a color picker upon selection of an html input text field. This particular color picker offers a tile based method of selecting colors, which separates it from the many photoshop-style color pickers currently available. How to ImplementInclude jquery within your HEAD block Include kolorpicker within your HEAD block Add class "kolorPicker" to your input field Screenshot and Demo Demo Here Full Example<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "ht


package china; / @author soltis public class Pionek { / Creates a new instance of Pionek / public Pionek(int kol, int id, int pol) { this.zmKolor(id); this.id = id; this.polozenie = pol; this.iloscPol=0; } public int getPolorzenie(){ return polozenie; } public int getID(){ return id; } public int getKolor(){ return kolor; } public void znPolozenie(int zmiana){ this.polozenie = zmiana; } public void dadajZut(int zut){ this.iloscPol = this.iloscPol + zut; } / 1 - czerwony; 2 - zielony; 3 - niebies

Google-summer-of-code-2009-openicc - A project for Google Summer of Code students working on OpenICC

OpenICC is a group of people dedicated to organise how applications, libraries, toolkits and colour devices talk each to the other about colours. The center of this work is the ICC specification, which is surrounded by several general and operating system specific conventions to create a open sourced colour management system. Oyranos is a example implementation of mentioned conventions to cover ICC profile handling and colour conversions. The newBSD licensed code base is plain C with very few de

Spoiltag - FluxBB extensions. Show / Hide fragments of post between [spoiler] [/spoiler] tags.

INSTALL# EnglishIf you want to use spoiler_tag, you must: - download jQuery from: http://docs.jquery.com/Downloading_jQuery ("Packed" wersion is recomended) - add jQuery library to your's forum script in example: in "/include/template/main.tpl" file add (before "<!-- forum_head -->"): <script type="text/javascript" src="http://your_forum/include/js/jquery.js"></script> - in a "spoiler_tag.css" file modify spoil link color (if you want) - install the extension # PolskiAby spoiler_tag działał mu

Nweb-image - Projekt obsługujący pliki graficzne

WymaganiaPHP 5.0 GD 2.0.1 lub nowszej (2.0.28 lub nowsza jest zalecana) obsługa Free Type MożliwościObsługa plików graficznych (Nweb Image) : Tworzenie i wykonywanie obiektów akcji Tworzenie i wykonywanie obiektów walidacji Zmiany rozmiaru Zmiana rozmiaru obszaru roboczego Obracanie Odwracanie w pionie i poziomie Kadrowanie Filtry graficzne Komponowanie Znaki wodne Fala Zapis do pliku Wyświetlenie Dodawanie tekstu (Nweb Image Text) : Wybór czcionki, koloru, rozmiaru Dwa rodzaje tekstu (

vim-kolor - Vim color scheme.

Vim color scheme.

Kolors - dead-simple color picker

dead-simple color picker

Kolor - Simple hexadecimal color to UIColor/NSColor converter

Simple hexadecimal color to UIColor/NSColor converter

kolorize - Provides some methods for colorizing console text output

Provides some methods for colorizing console text output

kolor - Colorful and eye comfortable. With 256 color terminal support.

Colorful and eye comfortable. With 256 color terminal support.