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Linknx is an automation platform providing high level functionalities to EIB/KNX installation. The rules engine allows execution of actions based on complex logical conditions and timers. Lightweight design allows it to run on embedded Linux (OpenWRT

BCU SDK with eibd

BCU SDK is a C based, high level development system for creating programs for EIB/KNX BCU devices. It includes the GNU toolchain for the m68hc05 architecture (m68hc05-gcc, m68hc05-gdb, newlib). Bus access is possible using multiple methods.

KNXnet/IP Wireshark dissector

Wireshark plugin for dissecting KNXnet/IP packages


Calimero is a Java ME library for embedded/workstation-based KNX/EIB applications (including remote access and control). It supports KNXnet/IP, FT1.2, KNX data point types and message buffering.

BASys 2003

Platform independent software for planning and configuration of installation bus systems such as EIB (KNX), LONWorks or LCN. Currently, support for KNX/EIB is implemented. (see also

Eibsuite - EIB/KNX cross platfrom library & applications

EIB SuiteThe EIB Suite project is a complete KNX (AKA EIB - European Installation Bus) integration suite. The project was started when i was a student in the university, and now is being developed as an open source project (on my spare time). KNXDroidAs part of my project, i have made a commercial android application to control the KNX installation. if you have an android phone, and you like to donate to this project, you can buy the application from the android market: check out my blog - http:

Jknx - KNX home automation and visualization

jKNX: Jave home automation server and visualizationThe jKNX home automation visualization tool exists of two separate components: The jKNXcore: this is a pure Java application that is connected to the KNX home network. The core captures all messages on the KNX bus and is able to put any kind of message on the bus. Its main functionality is to keep track of the state of all the actors and sensors on the bus, trigger light switches, set heating modes, etc. The jKNXweb application: this is a JSP/Ja

Sjddserverui - Interfaz para gestionar puntos de conexión a servidores EIB/KNX

Interfaz para gestionar puntos de conexión a servidores EIB/KNX


This project allows you to control your EIB/Knx installation through a WEB interface. It's using quot;linknxquot; as backend server.


Calibri' is a Java program to read and write telegrams on an EIB/KNX BUS making use of the Calimero libraries. Calibri's attempt is to abstract the whole BUS system to the developer by representing the telegrams on a database.