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KnowIt is a simple tool for managing rich-text notes in a tree-like hierarchy.



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Libconsolewarsapi-php - PHP Library to access the ConsoleWarsAPI

ConsoleWars API Package (PHP)With this package you get a small collections of classes which provide object oriented access to the API. Therefore you do not need to take care of the requested XML but have quick access to the data via the given objects. Things you should know:It's all about data put from XML to objects. There is and will never be any visual output. Until now there is no Exception Handling. Params given to methods are not validated because the classes act like interfaces. Do not us

Lagashknowit - Tag-based Knowledge Base (Lagash Systems)

Tag-based Knowledge Base (Lagash Systems)

Knowit-googletech-appengine-tutorial - KnowIt Google Tech App Engine Tutorial Application

Google App Engine Workshop/ tutorialOBS!! Denne workshop er ikke ferdig utviklet, men avsnitt om forberedelser er ferdig, og kan følges Hva er Google App EngineGoogle sitt "svar" på cloud computing. Google App Engine har standardtjenester for å kjøre web- applikasjoner (mao. en web- server) basert på java eller pythion Mål med workshopHensikten med denne workshop, er å demystifisere cloud computing ved å la deg får konkret erfaring med en fungerende applikasjon. Gi innføring i enkel br

Seam-maven-refimpl - A Mavenized Seam Project Template

Know IT Objectnet developers have created a Mavenized Seam project template. Due to the lack of Maven support in the Seam project, we felt the need to get a project started for the topic. After some research and development, the base was ready to be put in use. We felt that it was only right to make the project available to the public, and put together a google code project. As of now the project is aimed at running on the JBoss-4.2.3 and JBoss-5.x application servers deployed as an EAR project.

knowit - KnowIt - a tool for managing notes

KnowIt - a tool for managing notes

kss - Knowit Software Summit

Knowit Software Summit

knowit - wikis, etc.

wikis, etc.

knowit - go and do

go and do

Ky.yr - Knowit Reaktor Kyber - Umbraco Yr weather integration

Knowit Reaktor Kyber - Umbraco Yr weather integration

workshop-oscarsborg - Filer for workshop Oscarsborg - fagseminar med Knowit

Filer for workshop Oscarsborg - fagseminar med Knowit

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