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KNotes provides a comprehensive suite of new functionalities to Plone sites: a very fast and effective discussion system and a complementary web-log publishing system, both fully supporting the major weblogging standards.



Related Projects


WebKNotes is a Web-based knowledge/notes database. WebKNotes 1 was written in Perl and used a directory hierarchy for storage. WebKNotes 2 is under development, and is entirely client side Javascript.

Knote - Note taking and PDF annotation application for the KDE platform.

Used on tablet devices with a stylus to take notes or annotate PDFs. BuildingIn the root dir of the cloned repository: mkdir build && cd buildcmake ..makeInstallationmake install

ok_client - Open Knotes client

Open Knotes client

KNotes - The software platform that _will_ run KarmaNotes

The software platform that _will_ run KarmaNotes