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Knocker is a simple, versatile, and easy-to-use TCP security port scanner written in C, using threads. It is able to analyze hosts and the network services which are running on them. It is available for Linux, FreeBSD, Unix, and Windows95/98/2000.



Related Projects

Pypk - A port knocking system application written in Python

Pypk is a Python implementation of a port knocking system application, a method used to dynamically open a specified port on a server in case that a certain IP attempts to send packets on a set of prespecified ports. Once a correct sequence of connection is received by the "knock daemon", in a certain amount of time, the firewall rules table is dynamically modified to allow the "knocker" to connect over a certain port(s). Generally, port knocking is most often used to determine access to port 22

Knock-android - Port knocking client for Android

This is the beginning of a port knocking client for Android. VERY EARLY STAGE : code is a CRAP. Thanks. Mostly written in a couple of hours instead of working on my Physics exam.


Cryptknock is an encrypted port knocking tool. Unlike other port knockers which use TCP ports or other protocol information to signal the knock, an encrypted string is used as the quot;knockquot;. Therefore, sniffing cannot be used to recover the quot;knockquot;.

ElizaKnocker - A port knocker, except for a login shell ;).

A port knocker, except for a login shell ;).

PortKnocker - Port Knocker Android Client

Port Knocker Android Client

pyknocker - Port knocker and daemon in Python

Port knocker and daemon in Python

knock.html - A html5 port knocker

A html5 port knocker

RKnock - Reanmachine RKnock Port Knocker

Reanmachine RKnock Port Knocker

knocker - A port-knocker for node.js

A port-knocker for node.js

Tariq-C - C++ port for the Hybrid Port-Knocker Tariq

C++ port for the Hybrid Port-Knocker Tariq