Knights 2

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Small 2D game in which two or more knights fight each other with their swords and other weapons.



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Chainknights - Chain Knights: No Arms- Just Armor.

A co-op multiplayer 2D physics-based platformer set in a gritty, hand-drawn Nordic-Punk world. Disembowel your friends and enemies with a huge selection of battle-worn weaponry as a Chain Knight, one of an ancient order dedicated to upholding justice through massive bloodshed. Clobber waves of fierce Nugs as you pile on more and better armor, and squabble with your compatriots over powerful artifacts of dismemberment! Swing around destructible, hand-drawn levels with your mighty grapple-chain- o

Pkengine - PixelKnight Game Engine

It is a 2d game engine based on C# and GDI+. The project architecture is similar with cocos2d-iphone (cocos2d-x) game engine. But it does not use hardware acceleration (DirectX or OpenGL). It is used to learn how to make a simple game engine.

Road2round - a side scrolling action game code in python, pygame

code in python , use pygame lib mostly . an action game like the old arcade one "knihgts of the round", most sprite is from this classic game , but will make it a blend new game , just for fun .

Vampire Knight Transformation Pack

This program is a GUI transformation pack which can bring "Vampire Knight" style to your computer GUI. Language: VB.NET IDE+Platform: Visual Studio 2005 + .NET Framework 2.0

Joomlawowfrecruitment - Joomla 1.5 WoW fRecruitment

EN: Module recruitment the guild in game World of Warcraft for Joomla 1.5. Features: - Support Death Knight - 2 languages: English and Russian - It is possible to choose the specialization class RU: Модуль дл� набора игроков в гильдию игры World of Warcraft дл� Joomla 1.5. О�обенно�ти: - Поддержка Рыцар� Смерти - 2 �зыка: англий�кий и ру��кий - имеет�� возможно�ть выбрать �пец

Wii-knightsquest - KnightsQuest for Nintendo Wii

KnightsQuest for Nintendo Wii is an strategic game. Build your empire and destroy all other kingdoms. If you have conquered the hole world you have won. Good luck! Key Features: 2D gameboard with special graphical effects. Game player score is shared on internet. Easy menu system. WiiMote IR device support 10 background music tracks Several sound effects Checkout for more information. KnightsQuest Feed Ohloh Stats


A 2D isometric game for iPhone and iPad built using Cocos2D

Rudy - Rudy: Not your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool.

Rudy - v0.9 BETANot your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool. Rudy is a development and deployment tool for EC2. It helps you build and maintain infrastructures by organizing them into groups of zones, environments, and roles. By making it quick and easy to build infrastructures, Rudy makes it feasible to run environments only for the time that you need them. All configuration is organized into this hierarchy so you can define properties (machine image, machine type, IP address, etc...) by role, b

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