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Knights is a graphical chess interface designed for use with the K Desktop Environment.



Related Projects

Chess Queens

Calculate the number of solutions to place n queens on an n*n chess board, without any queen attacking each other. Options allow using rooks instead of queens, disabling knight attacks and setting the minimum distance between queens.

Jedi Academy Renaissance

Recoding Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy from ground up in C++ and Lua, using Quake 3 as a base.

Knighteam - an extra ordinary logic game

a team that make an extraordinary logic game named Knight Logic Challenge. It is a packed game which have 3 kinds of games. There are Knight LCS Challenge , Knight Assembly Challenge , Knight Coin Changing Challenge.

Kimah - Knights 3D game

A 3D game featuring knights and middle age adventures created using free software like Gimp, Panda3D, Python and Blender. Kimah comes from "Knights In The Middle-Age History"


ktsolver - Knight's Tour problem solver. Finds quickly a lot of solutions of the Knight's Tours problem.

Bench - API of Popular Problems to bench optimisation algorithms

This project provides an API of popular optimisation problems like Rubik's Cube and Knights Tour. It can be used by developers of optimisation algorithms to bench their solutions against other developers. The aim is to host this framework online and provide user with logins to store and log their results with Highest Score and other statistics.

Sysc2101-softwareproject - Sysc 2101 software development project.(Chess)

This is a project that consists of creating a multi-purpose chess board. The project implements the classic game of chess, eight queens and knights tour using the created chess board. This project is to be completed entirely using Java and following object oriented designs and patterns.