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KMyMoney is the Personal Finance Manager for KDE. It operates similar to Quicken, supports various account types, categorization of expenses, multiple currencies, online banking support via QIF, OFX and HBCI, budgeting and a rich set of reports.



Related Projects

Fineco2kmymoney - Importare in KMyMoney gli estratti conto di Banca Fineco

Banca Fineco (come TROPPE banche online) non permette di esportare i movimenti in formato OFX o QIF, standard multipiattaforma de facto dei software di gestione finanziaria, ma solo nel formato XLS formattato secondo le scelte di Fineco stessa. Per Linux il miglior software per gestione finanziaria è (a mio parere) KMyMoney2. Ho quindi scritto uno script bash per poter importare i file XLS direttamente in KMyMoney2.

Cvs2qif - Converter of csv banking output to qif file format

Converter of csv banking output to qif file format. Initially started to support importing of Czech mBank data to KMyMoney accounting software.

Csv2qif - Small utility to convert csv files provided by a bank to quicken interchange format.

Many german banks provide an export of a customers account statement in CSV format (e.g. or Unfortunatly CSV is not importable by software as gnucash or kmymoney. The project is a commandline tool which does the conversion and gives the user the opportunity to change imported data based on some pattern matching rules in an xml file. The current state of the project is a maven project, which build an executable jar. The jar is able to convert the output

Dickeny-pkgs - Dickeny's pkg repo for ArchLinux.

Dickenyçš„ArchLinux软件打包。 多数是从AUR上下载编译的,平å�°æ˜¯x86_64å’Œany。i686的朋å�‹å�¯ä»¥å…³æŽ‰è¿™ä¸ªé¡µé�¢äº†ã€‚ 注æ„�,ä¸�è¦�使用此repo中的kernel26包ï¼�ï¼�æ­¤repo中的kernel26*包都是æž�度定制的,若在你的电脑上能够è¿�行,那就真的是春哥显ç�µäº†ã€‚。。 建议有需è¦�的朋å�‹ä¸‹è½½ src.tar.gz包æ�¥è‡ªè¡Œç¼–译。我在PKGBUILD中添加了zh-utf8支æŒ�,一直是中文终端用户的必备ï¼� å†�次æ��醒,本repo仅适用于x86_64ç


This is a git mirror of the old KMyMoney2 cvs repository containing the KDE3-version. That version is no longer supported.

mBankCSV2QIF - Konvertor výpis? z mBank pro import do kmymoney

Konvertor výpis? z mBank pro import do kmymoney

kmymoney2 - Personal finance application similar to Microsoft Money

Personal finance application similar to Microsoft Money


Script for converting bank statements (Czech mBank and Unicredit) into QIF file format to be processed with KMyMoney


Script to convert mBank(Czech) CVS output to QIF to be processed by KMyMoney or similar software