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This is a kind of knowledge management system built with new technologies and cool methodologies.



Related Projects

Kurento - Kurento Media Server is the first open source initiative bringing video to the SIP world

KurentoKurento is an open platform for video streaming based on standards. It provides enablers for client and server sides, suited to requirements of most streaming applications. Delivered components include: '''Kurento Media Server (KMS)'''. A ful featured media server providing video in the Mobicents SIP Servlet environment. '''Kurento Android SDK (KAS)'''. An SDK allowing easy integration of video streaming into any kind of Android application. '''Kurento Phone (kPhone)''': An android video

Wissen - an intranet based knowledge management system

the goal is to create a intranet based Knowledge Management System which will facilitate users to share knowledge ideas like useful links, thoughtful files, or even write articles on their ideas, and get ideas from others as comments one of the chief goals is to make the system stand apart from a mere CMS by including the knowledge management part of it, at this stage the most desired goal is make it a second generation knowledge management system, because first generation KMS status already hav

kmscon - Linux KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator

Linux KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator

Knowledge-file-management-system - A website where you can share files with ease.

Knowledge Management Systema.k.a. KMS A web-based application that allows the users to share files between departments with ease. Q: De ce a fost creat un asemenea sistem?A: Să considerăm următoarea situaţie: un membru sau un vice-preşedinte din departamentul Y este plecat iar un alt membru sau un alt vice-preşedinte are nevoie de un document ce aparţine departamentului Y. Şi este o situaţie urgentă. Cum ai rezolva această problemă? Datorită acestei aplicaţii, nu ai nevoie decât d


Programm zur Lernunterstützung und Wissensverwaltung

Ramfaster - a few projects

There are a few projects. for example, favorites, Kms,IdentityProvider, ServiceProvider, test ...something like that.