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KumaPlayer is a full featured movie player for Linux. KumaPlayer acts as a graphical front-end for the popular MPlayer command line multimedia player but enhancing it with a full KDE user interface. Unlike other frontends, KumaPlayer its designed to loo




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KMp3Indexer is a tool to generate and manage an index of you digital music collection. It currently supports MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files. The index gets created based on either the ID3 tag or the Ogg Vorbis Tag of the files.


Java based InputMethodEngine (ime) using the kmap-files from Yudit and the kmp files from Simredo. Currently support over 120 different languages/alphabets.

XLN Desktop Search

XLN Desktop Search is search engine for files and folders in your desktop. Using the KMP (Knuth-Morris-Pratt) string search algorithm makes it much faster. And it is so simple.

Lajox - Lajox Open Source Project : FCKeditor Plugins,CKEditor Plugins,Music Program..

Lajox Open Source Project Lajox open source project: FCKeditor Plugins,CKeditor Plugins,Blog Program, Music Program (these codes language ASP, PHP, ASP.Net, javascript, DHTML, Ajax ...) FCKeditor Plugins Media Plugin FlvPlayer Plugin Movie Plugin RadioPlayer Plugin KMP Flash Mp3 Player Plugin CuteMp3 Flash Mp3 Player Plugin FMPlayer MP3 Player Plugin DewPlayer MP3 Player Plugin LrcShow Plugin InsertCode Plugin HighLighter Plugin RunCode Plugin InsertHtml Plugin HtmlTiles Plugin Acronym Plugin Ht

algorithms - algorithms playground for common questions

- [Dijkstra's shortest path between two nodes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dijkstra%27s_algorithm)- [Find the square root of a number](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_method)- [Binary search](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_search_algorithm)- [Longest increasing subsequence](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longest_increasing_subsequence) - [Find all permutations of array](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permutation)- [Finding all combinations of well-formed brackets](http://stackover

Moviemediabrowser - Movie Browser is a windows based software that act as a front end for all your &

moviebrowser is yet another collection browsing software. The main purpose of this software is actually to sharpen up my programming skills, and it serves as a very nice little addon for my HTPC. List of proposed features 1. GUI a. CoverFlow b. TED type descriptive icon c. regular browse 2. Manually Add movies 3. Automatically grab related information off IMDB.com and other movie information sites 4. Harddisk scan function, support 90% of video format in the market 5. Stand alone application 6.

KMP - Implemenation of KMP alogrithm

Implemenation of KMP alogrithm


KMP algorithm C++/Java


Master S2 Algorithm Lab - KMP search algorithm