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K-Meleon is a fast and customizable web browser that can be used instead of Internet Explorer on Windows. Powered by the same Gecko engine as the Firefox and Mozilla browsers, K-Meleon provides users with a secure browsing experience.




Related Projects

Ckmeleon - China K-Meleon Version

It is a project for Chinese K-Meleon, and an extension for it.


extensions, tools, utilities and plugins for the K-Meleon browser

KM Brasil

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Picok-meleon - Une version extrèmement petite du meilleur navigateur web pour Windows

Pico K-Meleon est une version de K-Meleon qui a été réduite pour une utilisation sur disquette ou clé usb. Il contient seulement le nécessaire! Voici la comparaison : K-Meleon 0.8

K-meleon-plugins - k-Meleon browser plugins

k-meleon browser is based on the Windows platform, its advantage is fast and efficient, so loved by many people. K-Meleon plugins (K-meleon1.5 and 1.6 compatible) 1.An enhanced track with a smooth mouse gestures plug-in Show the mouse locus Drag on the link: Bottom right: the background to open a new tab Bottom left: front to open a new tab (Note: Release the mouse when the cursor appears Cross. If you want to cancel the current drag and drop, just over the target near the target or above.) Drag


Kmeleon is a test for an auto-profile application for Android smarthphones.