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Yet another KDE/Qt clone of the popular game called Lines. Support quot;Linesquot; and quot;Blocksquot; games, quot;Squaresquot; and skin support coming soon.




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Theeternalquest - 2d Rpg

engine by Nico, editor by Luke and i will be scripting website is www.theeternalquest.comze.com the game is a 2d rpg in c++ sdl and opengl based on zelda, chrono trigger, and elysian shadows Edit: 2 new members, Eric Kline and Michael Redford are our new artists :D

Bg-ircd - BG-Ircd

This is an IRC daemon, based on ircd-ratbox plus a set of UniBG patches.Features:Chanmode +c - no colors in the channel Chanmode +r (+q) - username must be > 6 months old to join Usernames < 6 months old cannot register channels Usermode +I - hide user idle Client <> Server SSL Encryption Server <> Server SSL Encryption Its based on ircd-ratbox 3.0.0 release, and some patches from UniBG Ircd. Howto generate an SSL Certificate$ mkdir /usr/local/ircd/etc/ssl $ cd /usr/local/ircd/etc/ssl $ openssl