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KLACK is a small game in which you control a sphere with only one key (visit our page to learn how) with the goal to hit a second sphere while avoiding another sphere. Sounds confusing? Try it yourself!




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Yaws is a small fast and beautiful HTTP 1.1 webserver with excellent support for generating dynamic content. Yaws has been moved to github. http://github.com/klacke/yaws/

Epg-swiss - create xmltv-files from www.teleboy.ch

Project news 12.27.2010Release 0.9P can now be downloaded . Please give some feedback about the release. What can this shell-script do for me ?Create a xmltv file for applications like myhthv vdr tvheadend tvtime gtvg Is it allowed to mirror a website to a local computer ?Yes ! Inside switzerland any kind of download is allowed as long I use the provided data for personal use only ! Any use of the extracted data other than personal usage or transmitting the produced xml-files to the puplic is ma