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Kittens is like screen for applications. Kittens can display windows in tabbed or tiled views with keyboard navigation independent of chosen window manager.



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Allows you to view and download kitten pictures from

Persian Engine (Black Kitten)

Persian Engine (Black Kitten) currently under development by Pooya Eimandar in order to use on Microsoft Windows.

Kittens-in-space - Kittens In Space Game

This is a simple side scrolling game.

Containerjs - Light weight Dependency Injection Contaier for JavaScript.

ContainerJSContainerJS is a Light weight Dependency Injection Contaier for JavaScript, supports AOP (aspect oriented programming). Features: Basic DIContainer features, like Instance Management( Simgleton or Prototype..), Property Injection, Initialize Method ... Component Definition using JavaScript API or Annotations, Not XML. supports AOP (aspect oriented programming) Usage<script type="text/javascript" src="../container.js" ></script>var stdout = document.getElementById( "stdout" );// classf

Kitten - Kitten Lightweight Kernel

Kitten is a lightweight kernel (LWK) operating system designed to be used on the compute nodes of massively-parallel, distributed-memory supercomputers. Please see for more information.

Kitten-homework - my homeworks.

my cpp homeworks.for personal use