Kitsune Firefox Extension

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Kitsune is a Firefox extension which enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME.



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kitsune - Platform for Firefox Help

Platform for Firefox Help

Utopia-no-kitsune - Japanese Music Player / Tagger with musicbrainz support

utopia no kitsune is a player/tagger for japanese music based on Qt4 It uses MusicBrainz and to load correct titles for anything not written with latin script. For example you can load Transliterated Tracklistenings from MusicBrainz or take Japanese Spellings from Kitsune is similar to utopiaplayer by エリック.

Otwbingo - OTW Bingo Board

This small project has been created mainly as a sandbox for the Organization for Transformative Works Coders Team to get practice collaborating on a Ruby on Rails project. Inspired by Anti-Fanfic Bingo, which in turn was inspired by many another discussion bingo. If you've ever been worn down by having the same discussion where you hear the same arguments made, over and over, you may find it heartening (or time-saving) to use our spiffy board. This web application produces a Bingo board of argum


scripts and other utilities to help make life with the Thunderbird fork of Kitsune more fun :-)

kitsune - php browser emulation

php browser emulation


A php and mysql assest management system


Kitsune is a simulation tool written in Java with Swing that allows to design the layout of a building, position agents and define their behaviors, and run a simulation of a fire evacuation. Written as part of a Computer Science senior thesis at Oxford Brookes.

kitsune - A visual programming language based on MIT Scratch

A visual programming language based on MIT Scratch


A web based scheduling app for conventions coded in php. Uses MySQL to store data and SMF for logins.