KitchenTouch - home automation GUI for touch-capable devices

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KitchenTouch is a home automation GUI for touch capable devices. With modules such as CookBook it is specifically targeted for use in the kitchen, but could be customized to display only required screens. KitchenTouch is being developed in C# (WPF).



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Isy-panel - ISY Panel is a location-driven AJAX GUI system for ISY-99i home automation controller

ISY PanelISY Panel is a location-driven AJAX GUI system for ISY-99i home automation controller The idea behind this project is to create a fairly flexible and expandable, location-based GUI system for ISY-99i home automation controller to drive LCD touch panels, iOS / Android devices, etc., throughout the house. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTSISY-99i controller. Some INSTEON modules to control lights and devices. Networking module for ISY-99i (ISY Panel is hosted inside ISY-99i) Google Chrome browser supp

Coffeehouse - Java Home Automation using Insteon Devices

Simple home automation system and framework for use with Insteon devices, interfacing through USB and the 2413U Powerline Modem.


CyberConnect is an API for working with INSTEON, X10, and Z-Wave technologies that will run on .NET 4.5, 4.0, and .NETMF 4.3 - .NETMF 4.1

Homerun - Control and automation software for the home environment

Written in Java for OS-independence, it is also multi-protocol (X10, Insteon, Zigbee, etc), and multi-channel (Swing clients, web, J2ME, etc). A home 'operating system'. Visit information site here or SourceForge for source and binary packaged releases. Version 0.4.2 released on August 20, 2009 - check downloads


INSTEON module for Mayhem application.

Insteon SDM Socket Server

The Insteon SmartHome Device Manager (SDM) provides a bi-directional TCP network socket interface to the Insteon SmartHome Device Manager allowing client applications to listen for events and use simple text commands to control X10 and Insteon enabled household devices for hom...


A Home Automation project to interact with INSTEON devices, the idea is to have a web service accessible from multiple devices (apps) to turn on/off lights, appliances etc in a home powered by INSTEON hardware.

Jeffery - a home automation system for linux in python

Jeffery is a home automation program written for Linux in Python. It will contain support for INSTEON, DSC's security system integration via the IT-100 module and a local 1-Wire network. Jeffery will consist of a Python daemon running in the house, an Android based client and a web interface. Currently, it's has very limited usability and is probably unsuitable for anyone to use. The goal is to have Jeffery take charge of monitoring and controlling: Lighting throughout the house Entertainment: J


Home automation made easy! Mesne (pronounced mean)


PLMtools is a suite of home automation utilites that provide a low level interface to the Insteon Power Line Modem (PLM). Example shell scripts providing a higher level interface are also included.