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This project acts as a prototype for JSN web services



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Starterkit - A (X)HTML, CSS and JS Starter Kit using valid (X)HTML, BlueprintCSS and jQuery

Ahhh, FrameWorks. They make my work easier and more fun. By taking out the stuff that is repetitive and dull, frameworks establish a great baseline for creative work. So I combined my 2 favorite front end frameworks in Starter Kit. Starter Kit starts with a simple layout and ties in Blueprint CSS and jQuery. The layout here is something that anyone can do. I find myself having to recreate the same setup over and over, so it made sense to me to create a place for a SVN Repository of my starting p

Totallylazy - Another functional library for Java

A functional library for Java that has the following features Tries to be as lazy as possible just like Clojure's collection library Works with Iterable, Iterator, Arrays, Char Sequences, Dates and Numbers (i.e virtually everything) Follows the ML family of function / method names (Standard ML, oCaml, F#, Scala, Haskell) Uses and extends Callable interface for maximum interop (i.e Can use with Clojure, Hazelcast) Optionally supports using Hamcrest matchers as predicates Supports chaining of all

Jquery-watermark - jQuery plugin adds watermark capability to HTML input elements

Watermark plugin for jQueryVersion 3.1.3Compatible with jQuery 1.2.3+ Dual-licensed under the MIT or GPL2 licenses. ContentsIntroduction Using the Plugin Important Usage Notes Static Properties and Methods Troubleshooting Watermark does not ever appear Watermark only appears in gray text Watermark appears in regular-styled text (not light gray text) Can't enter the same text as the watermark Using the Watermark and Validate plugins on the same elements About the Author See latest change log Intr

Rangy - A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library

A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library. It provides a simple standards-based API for performing common DOM Range and Selection tasks in all major browsers, abstracting away the wildly different implementations of this functionality between Internet Explorer up to and including version 8 and DOM-compliant browsers. For manipulating selections in <textarea> and <input type="text"> elements, see Rangy's poorly-named and svelter twin project, Rangyinputs. Hosted files for the current


zlib 1.2.3 is a general purpose data compression library. All the code is thread safe. The data format used by the zlib library is described by RFCs (Request for Comments) 1950 to 1952 in the files (zlib format), rfc1951.txt (deflate format) and rfc1952.txt (gzip format). These documents are also available in other formats from All functions of the compression library are documented in the file zlib.