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A small but powerfull multi-platform MUD client, no installation needed but comes with many of the features found in commercial MUD clients.



Related Projects

Superkiragamehelper - An organizer and scheduler to assist Kira Game hosts

This allows the game host of a Kira (forum) Game to organize and process all player actions. It contains a way of setting up various different play styles before the game has started, and aims to be as flexible as possible. It is written in C# and requires .NET 3.5 to run.

Shararik - Android Social Media Client

Shararik project is going to fill the gap between different social network communities by grabbing feeds together and rendering them in an organized way or provide the most meaningful content relative to users' preferences. Shararik's android client has been released now. You can try the lastest build by downloading from here. You can contact the developer by following email: Kira Cheung You can also follow the developer on following websites to catch up the lastest news

Kirasajax - pagina 2.0 de kira

es una pagina 2.0 de kira

Kgf2 - Kira Game Forum 2

A fork of phpbb3, modified to allow the playing of forum games, along with various other changes relating to KiraGameForums.

Planificacionymodeladoseptimo - Advanced Software Company

mediante este proyecto estaremos subiendo todas las herramientas necesarias para satisfacer la materia de planificacion y modelado LIDER DEL PROYECTO(AGUSTIN) ARQUITECTO(ROCIO) ANALISTA(JORGE) CM(GEOVANNI) AUXILIAR(SERGIO) MAESTRO(FERNANDO)