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Kiosk management integrated with PHC.



Related Projects

Libki Kiosk Management System

Libki a multi-platform kiosk management system for public computer stations and kiosks. The administration system is web-based for easy use from any operating system. The client runs on any operating system that has Gtk2 support.


Quechua is a simple but effective kiosk browser. On an easy way protect your system against mischief browsing in a public environment. Quechua Application ReRunner, restarts automatically your application when it being closed by the user.

C-Kiosk #1 Anonymous Browser

C-Kiosk Anonymous Browser is a lightweight web-scripted interface to browse the World Wide Web Anonymously . It is purposefully built to be simple HTTP proxy easy to use. It is used in programs requiring a interface design over a normal web browser.See blocked websites like facebook twitter youtube....Anonymous Web Proxy Server

Osl-fx-kiosk - XUL/XPCOM Kiosk App

Goal: create a kiosk browser in XUL for OSU OSL Summer of Code project. While various implementations of Gecko-related kiosks are floating around the web, all are missing a critical piece--operating system kiosk API integration for preventing OS access while inside the browser.

Ua-kiosk - Killer Interface On Stylish Komputer (K.I.O.S.K.) project by the UA Software Developers C

Code repository for the University of Arizona Software Developers Club's K.I.O.S.K. project.

Mobeki - Mobile Vending Kiosk

Mobile Vending Kiosk Web Application The MoVeKi system is a web application that offers browsable contents, which can be previewed and finally downloaded into a particular mobile device for later personal use.

Hollyking - Source code and projects written by Brendan "HollyKing" Leber.

IntroductionThis repository contains source code and projects that I have written. Enjoy! ProjectsThe projects that are available so far are: CSharpToys - Small graphic toys written in C# KioskCrash - A project used in a series of articles on diagnosing kiosk application crashes. Posted at Leber Hall.

Share-a-bike - A bike sharing locator app for the Palm WebOS

Share-a-Bike is an application for the WebOS platform that aids in the location of bike sharing kiosks. Currently, only BCycle kiosks are supported. Please visit the BCycle website at to see the communities where BCycle is.