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kin is a set of libraries and tools supporting meta-programming for engineering and technical computing applications. This JVM version of kin has been superseded by the stand-alone version being developed at



Related Projects

Kin DataBase and Application System

A fast, modular, scalable, adaptable and cheap enterprise back-end for information management. Includes database functionality (hybrid IMDB), process management, business integration, etc. by the way of custom extensions to the system.

Descent - Genealogy software

Descent computes a variety of statistics about consanguineal kin from a population genealogy, including coefficients of relatedness between each member of the population, inbreeding coefficient for each member of the population, average coefficient of relatedness of each member to the entire population, average coefficient of relatedness of each member to their consanguineal kin, number of kin of each population member, patri- and matrilineages, consanguineal connections between members of the p

Lotrotweeter - Twitter bot related to the Lord Of The Rings Online game stats

Sends tweets when characters join a kin or when they level up. Not much more to it than that at this stage :-)

Xbmc-kinect-remote - Kinect Remote for XBMC

This application is now obsolete, it's replaced by KinEmote. Find it at:

Silkin - Kinship Analysis software for field workers in Anthropology and Bible translation

SILKin is a generic Java app with 2 major functions: Support a field worker who is gathering genealogical data and kin terms in order to analyze the kinship terminology and concepts in a new language. Allow User to draw family tree diagrams, labeling each node (person or family) with details e.g. name, birth & death dates, and kin terms relative to a particular Ego. Record the kinship data in dyads. When invoked by User, apply a Machine Learning algorithm to the collected data (dyads) to induce

Contactos - addressbook that hopefully won't suck

After searching high and low and trying a multitude of options, the right addressbook remains elusive. This is my attempt at an actually useful personal contacts manager. Ideally it should help visualize interpersonal relationships, download your memory for later retrieval, bring about world peace, cure every disease and of course, track contact information such as emails, phones, addresses, IMs, birthdays, kin, friends, friends of friends, etc.

Pygalkin - Python Tools for handling Astronomical 3D Data

3D-data in Astronomy means 2 spatial dimensions and one spectral dimension, i.e. having a spectrum for each pixel of your 'image'. This code is a loose collection of tools that uses numpy, pylab (former matplotlib) and scipy to handle these 3D-data, perform various operations on them and visualise them. Interactive classes are provided for manually manipulating certain routines. The main use is to measure the kinematics of galaxies (therefore the name PyGalKin), both from Fabry-Perot observation

Ecex - Hazır AJAX Kütüphanesi

Kodlayan Seçkin ALAN (Sesiyada) Ecex hazır bir Ajax kütüphanesidir.kullanımı ise çok basittir veri_yolla(metod,dosya,yukleniyormu,yukleniyor_yer,veri) metod : get veya post olmak zorundadır.boş bıraklıdğında ise otomatikman post olarak algılanır. dosya islemi yapacak olan dosyadır. islem.php,islem.asp gibi yükleniyormu: Yükleniyor ibaresi 'evet' açık olduğunu ifade eder yukleniyor_yer sonucun gösterileceği (div/span)'ın id'si dir veri dosya'ya gönderilcek olan değer Sor

Oraculo-maya - Oraculo maya

Gadget para conocer tu kin y tu oraculo maya

Ff-titanium - An Original Final Fantasy RPG Experience for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Final Fantasy TitaniumAfter a long and devastating civil war, the Bourine Empire has flourished under the protection of the Imperial Guard and Emperor Sabourin Depalma. But after 100 years of peace, a new foe emerges that threatens the Empire and it's fledgling democracy. The Emperor has called upon the elite warriors of the Guard, known as the Imperial Triarii, to once again stand and defend the Empire against this new menace. As a child of the Triarii, you have been trained in the ways of comb