Kid3 Tag Editor

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Kid3 audio tag editor can edit the tags of MP3, Ogg, FLAC, MPC amp; WMA files in an efficient way, convert between ID3v1 and ID3v2, set the tags of multiple files, generate tags from file names or vice versa and import from freedb, MusicBrainz and Disco



Related Projects

Tux Paint

Art software to let kids draw and paint. For children 3 to 12 years.

Kidsmath - Web based application to excercise mathematical skills for kids

The web based application offers mathematical equations(additions and substractions) in the form like3+?=15 or ?-12=3The user, usually kids, have to calculate the equation and submit the result. If the result is correct, happy smileys are shown, otherwise sad smileys are shown. The difficulty level of the equations can be set.the project is written in python for the apache mod_python module.

Swfk - Snake Wrangling for Kids (Learning to Program with Python)

"Snake Wrangling for Kids" is a printable electronic book, for children 8 years and older, who would like to learn computer programming. It covers the very basics of programming, and uses the Python 3 programming language to teach the concepts. There are 3 different versions of the book (one for Mac, one for Linux and one for Windows). There have been around 19,000 downloads, as of September 2009. There is a French edition (see swfk-fr), a Spanish edition (see swfk-es), a German edition (see swf

Swfk-de - Snake Wrangling for Kids (Deutsche Ausgabe)

"Schlangengerangel für Kinder, Programmieren lernen mit Python" ist die deutsche Übersetzung des Buches "Snake Wrangling For Kids" von Jason R. Briggs. Es ist ein eBook für Kinder ab 8, die eine Programmiersprache lernen wollen. Es behandelt anhand von Python 3 die grundlegenden Konzepte. Das Buch liegt in 3 verschiedenen Formen vor (eins für Mac, eins für Linux und eins für Windows). Viel Spass beim schmökern!

Spacemax - Shoot them up

Space max is a type of space invaders written in python (version 3.1.3) but better... I do it for my kids. I'm still in developpement and i hope make some improvement. Have a lot of fun with this game. Send me your commentaries and you can be sure i will be interrested by yours remark To run this game, you need only install Python and Pygame: Go here and select the installation for you OS : Python : Pygame : For more information, y

Jquery-snakey - javascript snake - a nibbles clone

A small snake game I made using the excellent jQuery javascript library. It was inspired by the QBasic Nibbles game I used to play a while back as a kid, I remembered about this game the other day and decided to build it in Javascript, with the help of jQuery :) At first I thought the animation would be sluggish but it turned out pretty responsive. Source jquery.snake.js You can checkout the latest version of the game, which contains a working demo with all source files and images. View the Sour

Swfk-es - Snake Wrangling for Kids (Edición en Español)

Doma de Serpientes para NiñosAprendiendo a Programar con Python"Snake Wrangling for Kids" es un libro electrónico para niños de 8 o más años que quieran aprender a programar. Cubre lo básico de la programación utilizando el lenguaje de programación Python 3 como base para aprender los conceptos. La versión original en inglés ha sido escrita por Jason R. Briggs y puede accederse en swfk. La versión en español está realizada a partir de la versión 0.7.7 inglesa que utiliza Python 3.

Mathgrid - Simple javascript web page that displays a grid of math problems.

Snareworks MathGridThe Snareworks MathGrid is a simple javascript application that displays a grid of math problems to a user. The number of rows (and columns), the starting value for both row and column, and whether to use addition, subtraction, or multiplication (division doesn't lend itself easily to a grid). The application selects a square in the grid at random and asks the user the question. Sounds are played for correct and incorrect answers. I created this application for my kids. I have

Tux Math Scrabble

Tux Math Scrabble encourages kids to construct compound equations and consider multiple abstract possibilities. The latest version (0.7.3) is always available at the official homepage:

Pycalcal - calendrical calculations in Python

This project makes available a library of python functions for converting dates from one calendar to another or for calculating special dates (i.e. holidays, astronomical events such as equinoxes, solstices...). It is very much inspired by the body of knowledge and Common Lisp software, Calendrica 3.0, described in Nachum Dershowitz, Edward M. Reingold "Calendrical Calculations" Cambridge University Press; 3rd edition (December 10, 2007); Paperback; ISBN-13: 9780521702386 Try it on lineA minimal