KhmerOS - Khmer Software Initiative

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Khmer Software Initiative - Localization of Open Source Software to Khmer language, development of Khmer documentation and training materials and country-wide distribution all over Cambodia.



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Khmer Unicode Converter

Khmer Unicode converter is a .NET library that converts Khmer text from legacy font to Unicode font and vice-versa. This library developed base on Khmer Converter from KhmerOS ( All the codes in this library is converted from Python version of Khmer Co...

Fontconverter - Khmer font converter legacy <-> unicode

ObjectivePorting from python code of khmerconverter 1.1 release by KhmerOS. ProcessTracing python code output in .py file and reproduce the same output in .net (C#).

Fontkonverter - Khmer Font Legacy, Unicode converter

Port Python code, KhmerConverter 1.1 to .NET using C# 2.0

Khand - Khmer on Android

Khmer rendering support on Android

Ouk-Khmer Chess

Ouk or Ouk Chaktrung is a Khmer chess. It is similar to Western Chess but some of the chess pieces are moved differently. Ouk is one of the most popular board games played in Cambodia.

Naisumit - Mon language software research & development

Nai Sumit is a project on language software. Focus is on Mon language; a living language using by more than 8,000,000 people around the world, especially in Burma and Thailand. Mon is an Austro-Asiatic language, the same family with Khmer, Vietnamese, Wa and Lawa. The language is very rich in vocabularies and culture. Originally, Nai Sumit is a dedicated English volunteer teacher in Thailand. He was teaching English to Mon migrant workers in Mahachai between 2008 to 2011. And then he turned to w

Khmer (Cambodian) Spell Checker

This Khmer Spell Checker is licensed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) since it uses a Khmer Unicode font licensed under LGPL. This project is created in order to integrate khspell with hunspell which is used by Open Office.