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Keytool is an Eclipse plugin that maintains keystores and certificates. It allows you to create certificates and put them in a keystore. You can from Eclipse, open and inspect certificates that are stored as .cer, or in a given keystore.



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Cryptography GUI tool helps to Create, manage keys and certificates, encrypt and decrypt files. Written in Java. It uses BouncyCastle crypto library.

Java-exportpriv - Java utility to export private key from a JSSE keystore

Because keytool does not provide this capability, a special Java class has been created to extract private key(s) in order to reconstruct PKCS#12 and PEM files from a keystore.

Elysian Keytool Advanced GUI

Java based Keytool GUI for managing certificate files. It provides a clean and simple UI to help users with their problems while working with certificate files.

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Extensions for Java Keytool

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