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KeyLogger logs all the events of KeyBoard as well as Virtual KeyBoard. Defining proper structures to elaborate the logs entered even with respect to time spell.



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Jqosk - An On-Screen Keyboard plugin for jQuery

jQOSK is an on-screen keyboard plugin project for jQuery. On-screen keyboards (OSKs) provide several benefits to users: Accessibility. Users who cannot use physical keyboards because of mobility impairments can use OSKs to interact with Web pages and applications. Convenience. Users at kiosks or other environment without a physical keyboard can use OSKs to provide input to pages and applications. Security. OSKs circumvent the risk of key-logging when entering passwords or other secure data. Whil

C# Garbage Pump: Password Keylogger Evasion

C# DLL for handling password input that is not susceptible to keylogging through a Garbage Pump technique, which pumps random keys, i.e. garbage, out while the user enters in a password. See screenshots for output results.

Keylog-widget - Keylogging widgets/plugins/addons/gadgets

Develop keyloggers that make use of the different apis that are out there.


Free and completely open source keystroke logging (keylogger) application, allows you to capture and record all keyboard input to a log file. Program is extremely small and lightweight, can run in a hidden mode, or upload log file to specified web server.

Monash-psychophysics-test - Psychophysic Tools for the Monash Bionic Eye

Code RepositoryFor Tools to assist in Experimental Designs to be used in the field of Psychophysics particularly the Vision Sense The AimThis Project is to provide implementations for the purpose of providing Psychophysics Tools to collect data to be tied in with the Monash Bionic Eye Equipment-DE2 Board provided by Terasic, designed by Altera -SD card <= 2GB, Make sure formatted to FAT16, it can only reference from ID's 4000+ to 65535(2^16), so make sure your allocation size is within that boun

Kloggyx - hagamos un keylogger! :)

Sencillo keylogger que funciona bajo windows, captura las teclas oprimidas y las sube al un sitio de elección

Tspion - A nifty, light, and portable keylogger for legal monitoring purposes.

IntroPlatform: Windows XP/Vista/7 This program is written in D. It uses a global hook to record keystrokes. Just an experimental project made in two nights. Interestingly this does not seem to require administrator privileges on Windows 7. NoticeThis software is NOT to be used for purposes that invade other people's privacy. This software comes with absolutely NO warranty whatsoever. You are responsible for how you use this software. Most important notice of all: Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S to shut this pr


Phasmatis is a open source program that can read and write SPT files. SPT files contain screenshots, keylogs, visited URLs, application names, and other data recorded by the Spector(tm) monitoring program. Phasmatis open source, released under the GNU Gen

Keylogger-haiver - Aplicaciones Varias .NET

keylog: keylogger con codígo no manejado de la dll de user.dll. Se trata de una aplicación windows form, que se ejecuta sin mostrarse en el la barra de tareas y escucha todos los botones que presiona un usuario junto con el nombre de las ventanas, para luego guardar esa información en un archivo de texto y enviarlo por correo. Iniciar con Windows: Aplicación que añade al registro la información de la ruta de un ejecutable para que este sea iniciado cada vez que el equipo inicie. Restringid