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This little helper will show all keystrokes on screen. This will be needed during a Kata to show the audience the uses keyboard shortcuts or to record them.



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Multimedia asset management and manipulator for Eacute;toileacute;

Mobile-task-manager - Mobile GTD Tool

Mobile Task Manager is a simple and minimalistic GTD tool for Java enabled mobile phones and devices. Features: Create actions Edit actions (with 3 key) Mark action as done (with fire key) Purge done items Create folders You can add notes to actions (with 9 key) You can rearrange the actions (with left/right keys) Mark action as favorite (with 7 key) Change task priority (with 0 key) etc. Screens:

Nagmobile - Interface "mobile" design for nagios

This small project is nothing more than an "interface" to the Nagios with information "summary" so you can monitor the environment or the key information from the environment through a single screen, ideal for use on mobile devices. The need arose from the time it was necessary to access the Nagios interface in a more managerial. These scripts were tested on the iPhone and Android 2.1

Simpleshot - A basic screenshot application

This application provides Windows users to quickly save their screenshot with 1 click. Change Log v1.2#Auto saving. Choose a location to save the captured screen directly witout prompt. Change Log v1.1#Press right shift key and then print-scr button to make visible/invisible the system tray icon. #Press right control key and then again print-scr button to exit.

Quickscreenshots - QuickScreenShots aims at making and using screenshots as quick and efficient as p

Take screenshots of the full screen, of the active window or of a custom region, apply it effects such as adding a drop down shadow or making it black & white, copy it to the clipboard and save it on disk, only in one step. Then, draw on it if needed. FeaturesFull desktop, active window or custom region screenshot Pixel precise region screenshot with use of magnifying glass and arrow keys Include mouse cursor in screenshots Multi screen capture Delay screenshots Auto save with incremental file n

Minesweeper-trick - A trick minesweeper game

This is a fake minesweeper program based off of my real minesweeper game, java-minesweeper ( When opened, it runs exactly like the normal minesweeper game for 10 seconds, then begins moving the mouse to random positions on the screen and pressing random keys (using java.awt.Robot -, forcing the user to shut down their computer by holding the power button. This is a mean trick, use wi

Pixel-warfare - 2-4 player strategy game where you try to out-colour the opponents.

Rules: The object of the game is to fill up more of the screen then all of the other players. You do this by placing blobs at strategically chosen places. When you place a blob you can also choose how much power you want to funnel to it, the longer you hold the mouse down the more power it gets. Each blob can use at most half of your max power. In order each player gets to place a blob of there colour. When all players have used up all of their power, or placed 5 blobs the game will commence. Wh

Pyinkblot - PyInkblot - Creating Rorschach Inkblots using Genetic Algorithms

PyInkblotSimply mirroring a random plotting of half of a grid onto the second half, you can create pictures that look 'organic' like Rorschach Inkblots. PyInkblot uses pygene for the Genetic Algorithm backend and pygame to draw the 'organisms' onto the screen. The user selects 0 or more (up to 6) of the organisms to go into a new population, more organism's will be added until there is 6 in the new population. Then a new generation is created using this population. The user is the fitness functi

Vespene - Easy generate Spring ORM, cxf, Struts2...

Vespene eclipse pluginIncrease their speed of development. What is Vespene?Vespene is a plugin for Eclipse, which allows a rapid development oriented enterprise applications, generating source code from predefined templates. Vespene collect the most varied information in the database. As foreign key, primary key and fields, sends this information to a model and finally generate the source code FeaturesIntegrate with Eclipse Datasource Explorer. Spring Automatically discovers the JPA entities. Au

Google-plus-php-starter - A starting point for your awesome Google+ PHP Applications

Google+ PHP API Starter Project This starter project demonstrates use of the Google+ APIs and development best practices. You can use it as a starting point for building your own Google+ applications. Getting StartedOnce you're ready to dive in to the code simply download the zip archive and follow the README instructions included with the project or follow the instructions below. Visit the Google API Console to generate your developer key, OAuth2 client id, OAuth2 client secret, and register yo