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This project is now abandoned. You can continue to download the old release here. KeyStater2 will be on BerliOS. Thankyou for your interest.



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Jkadx - Java's KADemlia eXtension - An extensible Java framework for the implementation of the K

State of the Project (Current Version: PRE ALPHA)Package jkadx.hashCollisionFinder.* Finished Create SHA-1 hash from input key. Find collisions (brute force) Works over LAN and WAN using DHT for communication Works within a distributed computing network Ability for the server node to also share the workload Unfinished Robust method to handle possible udp packet loss (without reinventing tcp) Utilize n-number of cores on each node (probelmatic) jkadx.dht.* Finished Add new nodes in the correct K-

Lzham - Lossless data compression library with a compression ratio similar to LZMA but with much fas

LZHAM (LZ, Huffman, Arithmetic, Markov) Alpha7 is a general purpose lossless data compression library that borrows several ideas from LZMA but purposely makes several key tradeoffs that favor decompression speed over compression ratio. LZHAM's compression ratio is a bit less than LZMA, but decompresses approximately 2-3x faster on a Core i7. LZHAM's decompressor is intended to be particularly fast on embedded devices, handhelds and game console platforms. This is an alpha release. The codec has

Alegria-engine - Alegria 2D Game Engine

Alegría 2D Game EngineInfoAlegría is an open-source 2D Game Engine for Windows being written in C++ . It makes use of OpenGL for rendering, Box2d for physics simulation, Win32 API for input and OpenAL for sound, and supports Python scripting. Right now it's being developed by me, a student of the UPV with the spare help of some pals as a didactic, non-profit project. NewsUpdate 01/December/2011 Alegria Editor will be soon in release state! Probably in February, or so... Here goes a screnshot o

Hourglass-win32 - Re-recording environment for simple Windows games

HourglassHourglass lets you run supported 32-bit Windows games in a mode where you have additional tools at your disposal, such as the ability to speed up or slow down or pause time or even revert the game to an earlier state to undo a mistake. It also creates a deterministic record of the buttons you press in the game that can be played back at normal speed while the game is being encoded to a high-quality AVI. It acts like a re-recording emulator for Windows, but it lets games run natively ins

Nesemu - A cross-platform Nintendo NES emulator targeting PCs and Consoles

Update: 4/15/2011The project is no longer active. Original owner gone until further notice. If your interested in this project, please contact NESEMUThe unnamed NES emulator, also extremely portable. Breaking News - 05/05/2009nesemu2 has begun, nesemu is on the backburner, while pceemu is right beside nesemu2 on the front burners! nesemu2 is a complete rewrite reusing very little code, focusing on more accurate timing in the cpu, and mid-line updates on the ppu. i decid

Freeermind - Freemind clone, cobbled together using jython, swt and rhino

NewsTue Jun 16 09:32:58 CEST 2009Making some progress, soon I'll start hacking the mindmap. When I finally get draw2d to play nice.... IntroThere are tons of mindmap applications (freemind, xmind) out there, but only a handful of them are under gpl or some other open source licence. I used to work with freemind, but the code is sloppy and unreadable e.g. the event handling stuff seems to be painful to maintain. Glitchy undo system. Nonetheless, freemind is a good, free product, all-in-all. After

Lad-drum - Atmel Electronic Drum Kit

Latest: New Ideas: To Do: Digital Inputs to work with invisible states. Change MIDI output so we only output data relevant to the Channel Command One day to add a MIDI channel monitor 27/02/2011 26/02/2011 Functions from the bootloader were exported via ASM. It's like a DLL. tehehe. The Assembler Jump Table (placed in the last part of the bootloader)

Veejingsx - Software for visual effects interpretation (vjing) for 8bit music sessions, using MSX co

veejingSXCopyright 2011 303bcn This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (free software) See license. design: mvac7 & neuroflip code: mvac7(aorante) Last version: 0.9b User Guide (eng) Guía de Usuario (esp) Guia d'usuari (cat) Coder Guide (eng) Description (English)This software, creates different visual effects in realtime (vjing), with 8bit style. Contains different types of backgrounds, screens, tile animations and sprite animations. For MSX computers. Des

Iphone-sdk-programming-book-code-samples - iPhone SDK Programming Sample Code

iPhone SDK Programming: Developing Mobile Applications for Apple iPhone and iPod touch, Maher Ali. Paperback: 416 pages Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (March 30, 2009) Language: English ISBN-10: 0470742828 ISBN-13: 978-0470742822 Product Description With iPhone SDK Programming, developers have the expert guidance they need to begin building native applications for Apple's new iPhone 3G as well as the iPod touch. Inside, veteran mobile developer and Bell Labs scientist Maher Ali begins with a found

Test12test - test

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