Key Differentiator

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Key Differentiator is a tool that can be used to generate quot;diffsquot; of the contents of two database tables that have a similar schema structure



Related Projects


DiffKey is a keyer plugin for the Linux video editor Cinelerra (it is included in release 1.2.0). It allows bluescreen/greenscreen style keying and compositing, based on the difference between the current frame and a frame showing only the background.

Bibscripter - A lighweight, no-install framework for manipulating bibTeX files with Python

bibScripterbibScripter is a framework for quickly whipping out python scripts for various tasks involving bibTeX files. Key features include minimal diff modifications: Any change you make to the parsed data structure will have minimal impact on the bib-file. zero-install: no dependencies outside the standard library are accepted. will remain a single file.

Pgdbsync - Tool for keep our PostgreSQL's development server and production servers synchronized

pgdbsync allows us to track the differences in the database structure between different databases. It also create the needed script to synchronize the servers and even to run the script. The usage of pgdbsync command line script is the following one: -c [schema] -f [from database] -t [to database] -a [action: diff | summary | run]usage examples Summary ./pgdbsync -s web -f devel -t prod -a summaryHOST : production :: prod1--------------------------------------------function create :: WEB.hello(v

Schemafree - Keeps track of Pojo based object structures in multiple RDBMS servers

Keeps track of Pojo based object structure in RDBMS. Schemafree is a key/value store based on Mysql. It directs to a specific Mysql shard by looking at the ID, it runs a mod function on the ID's hash. We support a special ObjectCollection case that can maintains id->id mappings, which once sent to SF through a put, "only additions", the diffs of ObjectCollection are inserted in the database. Normally key/value stores rewrite the whole list back increasing the changes of conflict. Sharding such s


lt;bgt;SicHerlt;/bgt; is an encryption client that will allow secure chat across the internet using AES and a Diffe-Hellman key exchange.

Rson - Readable serial object notation -- A superset of JSON

The goal of the RSON project is to create a file format that is easy to edit, diff, and version control, that is a superset of JSON and smaller than YAML. There is a short manual available for RSON, and an example Python 2.x decoder is available. See the downloads section. The example decoder is about as fast as the Python 2.6 JSON decoder. It is much faster than the pure-Python PyYaml decoder v. 3.09, somewhat slower than the current subversion pure Python simplejson decoder, and markedly slowe

Ballspace - Breakout

Ballspace est un casse brique avec un éditeur de niveau. Ballspace est différent des casses briques classiques : ° Vous n'avez pas de vie mais vous devez protéger les Tuxs au bas de l'écran. La partie s'arrête si vous n'avez plus de Tuxs à protéger. ° Vous pouvez passer d'un niveau à l'autre dès que vous avez détruit au moins 75% des briques d'un niveau grâce à votre super pouvoir... ° Si une balle tombe, vous ne perdez pas la partie, au pire un Tuxs ou tous... Les touches du jeu

Aspnetmongoproviders - ASP.NET Mongo providers

A library with Profile, Membership and Rolemanager providers for mongodb. Status: under development. NOT STABLE Instability is mainly caused by the instability in the underlying MongoDB driver from 10gen ( The providers currectly work with a private fork (, but intention is to eventually work with the standard code base from 10gen. Check for progress in ChangeLog Summary of useASP.NET offers a nice transp

Extension-rake - Rakefile to build your Firefox/Thunderbird extension.

PurposeThis rakefile makes it simple to package your extension and even will create signed update.rdf for you. However it needs some tuning before it could be used. InstallationMake sure your sources are placed into svn. None of others versions controls are supported yet. Although it's easy to drop this dependency. Make sure you have the following directory structure root (doesn't have to be named this way) src (doesn't have to be named this way) content extension_name extension_code skin defaul

Ivysvn - Ivy dependency resolver which uses Subversion for artifact storage

IvySvn is a resolver for Ivy 2.0 which uses Subversion for storing artifacts for use in Ivy's publish and retrieve operations. Ivy is a dependency manager for Java which can be integrated into Ant builds to allow for retrieval of artifacts (e.g. third-party jar files) which your project may depend on as well as publication of artifacts (e.g. your own .jar/.war/.ear/.tgz files etc.) that your build generates. Subversion is not supported "out of the box" by Ivy itself, which is the gap that IvySvn