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Kent is a generic report server that provides reports to users via a JSP/Servlet based interface. Internally report output is XML, which is transformed to HTML or any other supported format, as selected by the user.



Related Projects


A programmer-oriented testing framework for Java.


GSport is a portable, cross-platform Apple II GS emulator based on Kent Dickey's KEGS emulator.


Mocapy++ is a Dynamic Bayesian Network toolkit, implemented in C++. It supports discrete, multinomial, Gaussian, Kent, Von Mises and Poisson nodes. Inference and learning is done by Gibbs sampling/Stochastic-EM.

Smart Client Software Factory WPF Support

This project is a modification of Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory to support building WPF based applications using Kent's WPF layer for CAB


An implementation of Kent Beck's famous XUnit testing framework designed specifically for unit testing components written for the .NET platform.

Wranglerintegration - Integration of the open source Wrangler Erlang refactor tool to Eclipse

The goal of this project is to integrate the Wrangler Erlang refactoring tool with Eclipse/Erlide. This project is part of the ProTest Property Based Testing project. Project source changes: