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Kinect for hospitals



Related Projects

Thbot - Texas Holdem Bot

To play texas holdem automaticallyProject is based on .net/c# Hand evaluator is based on Keith Rule's code (thanks, Keith!) Over dependencies are db4o 7.8 FastReflectionLib NGenerics 1.3 NLog 1.0 ZedGraph Project still in deep pre-alfa Some roadmap here How to run here

Pleft-js-library - Closure Library plugins by Pleft

Note: this library is outdated right now. Please check out the pleft project for our latest Closure code. If you can't use it with the GPLv3 license, please let us know. We are planning to release reusable parts under an Apache 2.0 license, just like Closure Library. This library contains JavaScript code written for Pleft the appointment planner. It depends on the Closure Library and uses Closure Templates. ModulesTime entry - Based on jQuery Time Entry by Keith Wood, this is basically an <input

Browser-project - Providing regularly updated browscap.ini and related downloads since 1998!

Since 1998 the Browser Capabilities Project has provided data about most browsers, bots and other automated crawlers via the user agent. The file is a database maintained by Gary Keith at which provides a lot of details about browsers and their capabilities, such as name, versions, JavaScript support and so on. Now the project moves in a new direction by providing information about these user agents in real-time. For now you may use this site to check for updates t


WinEyes is a rewrite of xeyes utility (by Keith Packard and the MIT X Consortium) for Win32, Pocket PC, ReactOS, and Wine. The purpose of WinEyes is to be as faithful to the original look of xeyes as possible.

Keith-code-home - The home for all my bits and pieces of codw

In here are various bits of code I have created.

Fourinaline - Four In A Line - multiplayer Connect-Four Game

Four In A Line is a multiplayer Connect Four game. It can be played on a network, or against an AI game player. The AI game player uses the algorithm developed by Keith Pomakis but then rewritten in Java. The network layer uses RMI without using the callback pattern, which ensures that the game will be compliant with firewalls. Connect Four is a trademark of Hasbro. I designated an implementation of the game and an AI player of it, but not the game itself. In case you want to reuse some parts of

Wayfinding - jQuery Wayfinding Plugin

A jQuery plugin that will provided shortest route through a series of one or more svg maps from a given start location to a destination using routing information encoded into the svg file. This plugin can be useful for kiosks and interactive digital signage. This plugin uses the SVG Plugin by Keith Wood and needs the base jquery.svg.js, jquery.svgdom.js, and jquery.svganim.js files. (as of August 2011 coding is taking place to remove this dependancy) Base svg map files can be generated with a va

Php-timetable-app - PHPTimetable is a simple PHP web application for displaying the next event in a

Update: source now committed for your editing/reuse pleasure! First used at, this cobbled together selection of php code reads times of events from text files for each day of the week, and shows to the user the next, previous, and next +1 event according to your current server timezone. It's ideal for displaying a public transport timetable, as well as any event that occurs many times throughout a given day, It includes in-built handling of public holidays (by specific dat

Notepad-stats-integration - Autoit scripts and other files to integrate Notepad++ with Stata and oth

WelcomeThis is project that contains some instructions and a few required files for integrating Notepad++ with Stata and other statistics programs (SAS, Python, Stat-Transfer, etc). 1. First, go to the Instructions wiki to learn about the process; 2. Then click on the Source tabs to download the required files. Why?To quote from one of our contributers (Andre): ...[These] instructions and files for using NPP have been immensely helpful for me. I have been working with 10 years of data from 7 dat