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KEGS is an accurate and very fast Apple IIgs emulator for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.



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GSport is a portable, cross-platform Apple II GS emulator based on Kent Dickey's KEGS emulator.

Ate-kegbot - Lots of electronics to monitor a kegerator

monitoring for: temperature: flow a website to monitor keg status temperature how full the keg is

Keg - Python Web Execution Framework

Keg is a simple Python Web Execution Framework. ObjectivesReasonably low learning curve To facilitate incremental web site design Scalable - Isn't everything these days ? All this and still maintain a simple model.

Kegbot - Arduino beer kegerator monitor and keg access controller

MOVED TO GITHUBNote: As of Kegbot v0.8.0, all development has moved to Github. Please visit us there.

Beerscreen - Display keg content using BeerXML files on your kegerator LCD screen

BeerScreen is a software used to parse BeerXml files and display the information on a screen attached to a Kegerator.


KEGS is a portable Apple //gs emulator for Linux, OS/2, HP-UX, and Solaris. It is very accurate and quick, running at an emulated 10MHz on 200MHz machines. This version of KEGS is using SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) for more portability.


KegManager is a software package designed to collect, interpret and display relevant data collected from a kegerator. Each level of this project uses a Microsoft technology, from the .Net micro framework on the hardware to using the new Windows 8 Immersive UI for the frontend...

Keg-party - Keg Party Flash Game

A game created as a group project for the CSC 167 course at UVIC.

Kegger - Arduino based kegerator control

Arduino based project to control temperature and monitor keg contents. Eventually we would like to have an ID system and flowmeter.

Geoffs-pic-projects - A bunch of PIC microcontroller based projects

This is a collection of various PIC related projects I've worked on, including: KegScale - A controller to display the number of pints left in multiple beer kegs WellPumpController - A project to automate the control of a well-pump for a low-flow well with a reserve tank (along with a wireless readout)