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Project quot;keenlyquot; (working title) aims to become a multiplayer network shooter that looks like some good old low resolution jump amp; run game from the former DOS area.



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CloneKeen Plus

This is a fork of Clone Keen. Its consistency has been improved, its code is up to date, and it brings new features. Enjoy it with music and better sounds! Commander Genius is a edition which is partly developed in C++

Keen-php - KeenPHP:Ajax,基于页�Widget的PHP框架


Phpkeen - KeenPHP:结�Ajax,基于页�Widget的PHP框架


Dataposting - This Just begining of project

I am very much keen to see how google manages the project

keen - Keen Dreams on Greenlight!

Keen Dreams on Greenlight!

Tridentscan - Comments package to replace Haloscan

A commenting package to work with Blogger to provide a replacement for the now axed Haloscan system. Works within the constraints of Blogger, but requires an additional PHP and SQL server. Some people are not keen on moving their blogs to new hosting, and so want a solution such as this.


CloneKeen is an open-source clone of ID's classic DOS game Commander Keen. CloneKeen runs under many platforms including Linux amp; win32. There are some improvements over the original such as 2-player support. Original game data files are required.

Dumbcms - A really simple CMS that is designed for people that want to have control over HTML, but w

DumbCMS is a really simple CMS that allows for the creation of pages, blogs and file upload. It is designed to be used by beginners, but has the control available for people that are keen to be able to use HTML in their site. There is also an instant preview of all work done, so web developers can easily see what they are doing.

Keen - A lean and agile PHP Framework