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This project provides facilities for KDE-MS translator to host their project temporarily and release files for other GNU files translations.




Related Projects


Kdevelop is a free, open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. It is a feature-full, plugin extensible IDE for C/C++ and other programming languages. It is based on KDevPlatform, and the KDE and Qt libraries and is under development since 1998.


Kpacman is an implementation of the pacman game for KDE. Multiple game modes/schemes are available, including Ms. Pacman. Sound is not yet supported.

hearts game for the KDE

This is a clone of MS Windows' hearts game. Currently a stable version supports local play, while a development version supports network play.

Warconv - Web-archive formats access conversion library

Library to abstract access to web archive formats (MS MHTML, MAF, KDE WAR, simple mirror) and provide conversions between them.

Gaming Dice

This is a project to make a convenient, handy dice roller suitable for RPGs, targetted for MS Windows and KDE but easy enough to port. The program allows many styles of rolling by using a text command for more complicated rolling.

Minesmultiplayer - Mines Multiplayer

Mines Multiplayer is 2D game based on KMines in KDE and Mineswepper in MS Windows systems, but with added multiplayer mode(you can play by LAN, Internet, Hamachi...).

Kdyndnsclient - Dyndns client update utility running under KDE 3.5.x

This is a dyndns client updater supporting only dynamic DNS service at www.dyndns.com. It runs in KDE (thus written in C++ )and uses BSD/Sockets and respect www.dyndns.com specs (abuse,delays). The program is inspired from MS-Windows Dyndns updater program from "Pande Hartana, Kana Solution", and inadyn - the linux client from "inarcis" found here:https://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/windows.html and here:https://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/unix.html The main reason for this project is to p

Moneymine - MoneyMine destina-se a controlar as despesas e receitas de uma residência ou indivíduo

MoneyMine is program intended to help the financial management of a home, an individual or a small business, in an easy way. Departing from other solutions as MS-Excel and OpenOffice.org's Calc, MoneyMine has some important functionalities built-in, citing as example automatic parcel placement for multiparcel debts, without the need of writing formulas or having deeper knowledge about spreadsheets. The program's main goal is to be the easiest and most intuitive software in its category, in a way

Sim-im - Simple Instant Messenger

sim-im is a simple and powerful multi-protocol instant messenger developed at http://sim-im.org/ Based on the Qt library it works on X11 (optional with KDE-support), MS Windows and MacOS X. Some of the features: Supported protocols: ICQ, Jabber, MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Livejournal; Receiving and sending SMS; Server-side contact list; Receiving and the sending messages in RTF-format; Phone directory support; File transfers; Chat; Support Miranda icon themes; Spam filter; Secure direct connection with S

Karambino - Karambino Installer is a SuperKaramba-based installer for KDE.

Karambino Installer utilizes SuperKaramba's ability to 'run' *.skz files, which are just zip archives with skz extension. This allows small software and content creators to package their content into a self-containted, 'executable' file. All the user has to do to install the content - double-click the downloaded file.The behavior we are trying to achieve is similar to that MS Windows users have with *.MSI files, where, assuming the framework for 'running' .msi files is present, installation beco