KDE Bluetooth Framework

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A collection of Bluetooth utilities and modules for KDE based on BlueZ.




Related Projects


Bemused is a system which allows you to control your music collection and more from your phone, using Bluetooth. It requires a Nokia 7650/3650, SE P800/P900, or Siemens SX-1, and a PC with a Bluetooth adapter. KDE/Mac/PalmOS apps separately available.


KDE frontend for Gammu. It's intended for file download/upload to mobile phones using data cable, Irda or Bluetooth.

Lirc-bluetooth - Remote control your PC via Bluetooth using J2ME cell phone

The project aims to allow users to control various programs on their PC using their cellphone via Bluetooth using customizable J2ME application. The goal is to support as many cell phones as possible without bonding with specific model or manufacturer. The project consists of 2 components: btlirc daemon emulates LIRC protocol allowing any LIRC-enabled applications (MPlayer, XMMS, etc.) to be remote controlled. If the application don't have LIRC-capabilities, you can use irexec or irxevent to sen


Bluetooth Remote control for k750i amp; alike (w800,z520,w600,w900,w550,Sony Ericsson).Extendable amp; configurable,written in Java.Uses XML confs,depends on JRE,RXTX,binded rfcomm device (bluez in Linux).Gnome,KDE scripts included,easy to write any other.

Rfkill-qt-gui - Tray switch between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX

A simple GUI to switch between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Run the scripts to configure WiMAX.

Linuxshellscripts - the aim is to automate/ease certain functionality present in linux that is not a

the aim is to automate/ease certain functionality present in linux that is not accessible through GUI(GNome/KDe)... I m trying to set write shell scripts (or mayb GUIwizards) to help novice users achieve basic tasks ..) the shell scripts aim at removing the various steps a user takes when following a HOW-to on the web,,instead the shell scripts will interact with the user (through cli) and automated the process on its own.. for example. 1---consider dialling internet through a mobile phone over

Acpi-eeepc-generic - A simple ACPI event handler for the Asus EeePC series

acpi-eeepc-genericSimple ACPI event handler for the EeePC line: Model agnostic Many On Screen Display (OSD) options: libnotify (GTK) knotify (KDE) dzen2 none Allow multiple commands to be executed for a single keypress Depends only on vanilla kernel features ("eeepc_laptop" and "rfkill" kernel module): no need to use a custom kernel or hacked kernel module. Should be present in vanilla kernel (tested with 2.6.28.*) Helper scripts for: Suspend to ram Wifi on/off Bluetooth on/off (full support wit

Digeks910 - Digeks for ubuntu 9.10

In Norwegian: Digeks-prosjektet (digital eksamen) er en fri programvareløsning. Ideen består i å starte et spesialtilpasset operativsystem fra en minnepinne. Dette elevsystemet inneholder all nødvendig programvare, og styrer tilgangen til hjelpemidler, filer og nettverk. Elevene kan på denne måten bruke sin egen bærbare datamaskin på eksamen, men får kun tilgang til et begrenset og sikkert operativsystem. Etter eksamen fremstår elevens PC uforandret. Til implementeringen er det utelukk

kdebluetooth - KDE Bluetooth framework

KDE Bluetooth framework