Knowledge Board Race

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FATEC-SP - Engenharia de Software III KBR - Knowledge Board Race Desenvolvimento de um jogo educativo de tabuleiro on-line baseado em perguntas e respostas.



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EasyPastry is built on top of Pastry, a decentralized key-based routing (KBR) P2P overlay network. The main objective of EasyPastry is to provide a complete faccedil;ade in order to simplify the P2P application development.

Openkad - Java implementation of the Kademlia DHT

Key-based routingKey-based routing (KBR) is a lookup method used in conjunction with distributed hash tables (DHTs) and certain other overlay networks. While DHTs provide a method to find a host responsible for a certain piece of data, KBR provides a method to find the closest host for that data, according to some defined metric. This may not necessarily be defined as physical distance, but rather the number of network hops. Distributed Hash TableA distributed hash table (DHT) is a class of a de

Freepastrynet - FreePastry.NET -- A port of FreePastry to .NET

Pastry is a scalable, efficient P2P key-based routing (KBR) protocol. The currently (presumably, the only) active development is FreePastry, a JAVA implementation from Rice University. This project's goal is to foster FreePastry application development in .NET framework. This project will initially provide: Using IKVM, make readily available .NET library (DLL) of Free Pastry (FreePastry.NET). Provide sample .NET code on how to use the library Establish discussion channel to solve issues encounte

kbr - Kitchen Busser Registry

Kitchen Busser Registry