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Katy is a general purpose text editor for KDE which is inspired by the Windows text editor, UltraEdit.




Related Projects

Yakopi - Yahoo! Messenger/Kopete/Pidgin Archives Converter

YaKoPi is a pure Python module for reading and writing (and effectively, converting) Yahoo! message archives of Yahoo! Messenger (r), Kopete (rw), and Pidgin (rw). >>> import yakopi>>> # Parse a Kopete log file>>> kop = yakopi.kopete_parse('/home/konqi/.kde/share/apps/kopete/logs/\\... YahooProtocol/konqi/katie.200802.xml')>>> kop.to_kopete() # return the content as a Kopete log file (XML)>>> # save the content as a Pidgin log file>>> kop.to_pidgin(outdir='/tmp') # saved as 2008-02-<day>.<time>.

Maestro-musicdb - A music database with a cli interface

Maestro is a utility that will index your music files, read the tags and add them to a database to allow for quick searches in your entire collection. The current interface is a CLI interface, GUI interfaces are planned but not available yet. Maestro uses an external player to do the actual playback. Maestro allows for complex searches, for example: maestro artist:"katie melua" spellbound maestro album="the elements" or just plain and simple ones: maestro gorillaz clint eastwood Not so exciting

2010sp52cp2013group4 - JCUS SP52 Software Engineering, Group 4 project

For Group 4 Anh-Barbara-Katy-Tun Tun Project outline: Documentation and implementation of a mini Supply Chain Management System. It allows a manufacturer to check on his own product status and place orders on necessary inventories to manufacture products on schedule.

Katiekittylinux - Katie Kitty Linux

This Linux distro is remastered from Ubuntu Linux. The Gnome theme is changed to Linsta theme and the GDM theme is also using Linsta theme. Azureus, XMMS, Gwget is added into this distro.

Gvsu-hcc - Honors Community Council, Grand Valley State University

Honors Community CouncilThe Honors Community Council of Grand Valley State University's Frederik Meijer Honors College, serving all Honors Students and Niemeyer / Calder Residents. Representatives2010-2011 Executive Board Officers President â–º Becca Anderson Service Learning Chair â–º Katie McEachin Community Chair â–º Richard Grenn Secretary â–º TBD Faculty Liaison â–º Katie Hekstra Newsletter EIC â–º Kal Martin & Ross Ezinga RA Liaison â–º Andrea Blanchard & Joey Courtade 2010-2011 Council Re

Cati-kati - - çatı katı project...

- facebook'da bulunan "-çatı katı." grubunun dosyalarına ayrılmıştır. - saygılar.

Inz-adam-mmc-4k - SD/MMC 4k

Test katy pamięci SD / MMC dla SDHC dla mikrokontrolera avr atmega32 lub atmega644 i wyższe

Magi-goal - MMI

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <configmaps> <configmap type="Skin"> <meta name="title">Simple Theme</meta> <meta name="description">Simple theme example.</meta> <meta name="author">Katie M.</meta> <attribute name="header.background_color">teal</attribute> <attribute name="header.logo">white</attribute> <attribute name="header.link_color">#ffffff</attribute> <attribute name="header.text_color">#ffffff</attribute> <attribute name="gadget_area.gadget.body.link_color">#8B4513</attribute> <a