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KAtoms is a clone of an old Amiga multiplayer game for KDE, with a bunch of improvements like irregular board shapes, AI players, a nice scaleable user interface and (eventually) network playing.




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WAtomic is a Windows clone of Linux KAtomic logic game, developed using the GLScene OpenGl based library for Delphi.

Kp-atomix - A javascript clone of the Atomix puzzle game.

Introductionkp-atomix is a javascript version of the Katomic video game that allows nearly 200 levels to be played in a Web Browser. The game will run in any modern web browser on any operating system. It runs equally well from a USB memory stick or hard drive as it does on a server. Play NowA Live Demo of kp-atomix can be played at Atomix Online at SDF or at http://kp-atomix.googlecode.com/hg/index.html InstallationTo install kp-atomix on your local drive or on a server, simply download the lat