Karsten SlideShow

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Karsten SlideShow is a playlist-based slide show program for picture and movie files on Windows. It offers flexible, item-related control over the presentation sequence, and runs shows in a window, the screen saver, or the desktop wallpaper.




Related Projects

Decode - V&A Decode Project

A chance to see your work on the London UndergroundThe Victoria and Albert Museum has commissioned the artist Karsten Schmidt to design a truly malleable, digital identity for the Decode exhibition by providing it as open source code. We are giving you the opportunity to recode Karsten's work and create your own original artwork. If we love your work it might even become the new Decode identity. Getting startedThe identity application is fully interactive and can be controlled via mouse, keyboar


KBackup is an easy-to-use backup package for Unix. It was originally writen by Karsten Balluder. Currently, it's development has stagnated, and several fixes are needed. The main mailing-list for KBackup is in egroups (www.egroups.com).

Onedotzero-ident - onedotzero 2009 identity generator

Aboutonedotzero is an international moving image festival, showcasing a variety of work from innovators across the globe. This year's festival identity was created collaboratively by Wieden+Kennedy & Karsten Schmidt (PostSpectacular). All identity assets were generated using a tailor made design/visualization tool, which has also been adapted to create a large scale (48m wide) interactive installation at BFI Southbank during the London festival. The installation allowed users to submit their own

Kpilot - Pilot stuff for Karsten

Pilot stuff for Karsten

Codeandform - Code repository for Code & Form

Code & Form code repositoryThis Google Code repository is intended as a support for my Code & Form blog. I will use it to publish libraries and sample code for Processing, as well as archives of code from workshops I have given. Check out the Downloads for an overview of what's here so far. At the moment the SVN tree is not really in use, but I plan to publish code through it eventually. 2011.0407 ModelBuilder released / unlekkerLib discontinued The release of the ModelBuilder library marks the

Rgm3800py - Access Royaltek RGM-3800 and compatible GPS datalogger

Hinweise auf Deutsch stehen weiter unten auf dieser Seite! Access Royaltek RGM-3800 and compatible GPS dataloggerWith this command line utility you can: Dump tracks off your RGM-3800 GPS datalogger in NMEA and GPX format. List tracks with information. Configure logging format and interval. Check memory usage. Erase all tracks. This tool was tested with MacOS X, Linux and Windows. You only need a decent Python interpreter (version 2.4 or newer, 2.3 might also do) and a PL2303 USB driver (included

Canvas-for-wordpress - Canvas for Wordpress allows you to rearrange your blog layout via a drag n&#3

Canvas is a GUI drag and drop layout editor for the Wordpress blogging system. It breaks themes into widgets of content for dynamic management of blog presentation. Recent updates have been made to improve Canvas compatibility with WP 2.6. Some blocks that relied on categories need TLC, and there are remaining issues with dragging blocks from the shelf. Canvas is no longer being actively developed by Karsten and Yasser, but we would like to find a new team to continue its growth. Let us know if

Amigavr - A mod player for AVR microcontroller.

AmigaVR AmigaVR is an electronic audio player running under an AVR XMEGA microcontroller which is able to play MOD file format. A special file format developed on Amiga by Karsten Obarski. System specifications MCU: AVR ATXMega 128a1 @ 32 Mhz. We are using: 1 Digital to Analog Converter 1 External Bus Interface 1 USART 1 RTC and 1 Timer/Counter 1 External SRAM which contains the music (128KiB). TODO Task

toxiexperiments - test sketches and experiments with karsten schmidt's toxiclibs for processing

test sketches and experiments with karsten schmidt's toxiclibs for processing