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KDE program to display information on a desktop




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pyramba - is a clone of karamba written in Python using PyKDE It makes your desktop interactive by showing system status information: CPU Usage,MP3 playing,Free Memory Amount

Nextshows - nextShows is a SuperKaramba applet that displays your favorite shows schedule.

Welcome to the nextShows project homepage NOTE TO KDE 4 USERSAlthough KDE 4 can execute KDE 3 SuperKaramba widgets, nextShows is really borked (at least with KDE 4.1.x). For some unknown reasons many things aren't working as expected. I plan to port nextShows to Plasma (Edit: finally it won't be a plasmoid thanks to the poor documentation/tutorials on KDE websites) but I can't give any date therefore it'll be out "when it's ready"©. DescriptionA desktop widget (aka applet) for SuperKaramba that

A-foto - A-foto is a SuperKaramba (KDE) desktop widget that shows miniatures of your favorite pictur

A-foto is a desktop applet (widget) for Superkaramba that shows slide-shows of framed miniatures of your favorite pictures on your desktop. Drag files, folders, WebCam or internet image URLs directly into the A-foto window. Choose one of 15+ beautiful frame styles. Control picture size and slideshow frequency. See A-foto in your language. (English, Spanish and Russian) Contribute your own frame styles. Continue to the Welcome Guide or visit the Download section of the project.


SuperKaramba allows you to create cool desktop widgets with little to no programming experience. It's similar to quot;Konfabulatorquot; for the Mac.

Milocalendar - Milo Calendar is a desktop calendar for SuperKaramba (KDE) that supports iCal files a

Milo Calendar is a calendar desktop widget for SuperKaramba (KDE) that supports iCal files as data sources.The calendar data is displayed on your desktop in a clear, neat calendar. The descriptions of the events are shown via tooltips. This applet is influenced heavily by Rainlendar (www.ipi.fi/~rainy/) calendar application and is a close copy of one of the Rainlendar skins. iCal file parsing is accomplished through iCal Python module from DeVoeSquared.com. Great thx goes to them and all ppl who

Karambino - Karambino Installer is a SuperKaramba-based installer for KDE.

Karambino Installer utilizes SuperKaramba's ability to 'run' *.skz files, which are just zip archives with skz extension. This allows small software and content creators to package their content into a self-containted, 'executable' file. All the user has to do to install the content - double-click the downloaded file.The behavior we are trying to achieve is similar to that MS Windows users have with *.MSI files, where, assuming the framework for 'running' .msi files is present, installation beco

Karamba - Simple Framework

Simple Framework