KAON Ontology Framework

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KAON is an ontology management infrastructure targeted for business applications. It includes a comprehensive tool suite allowing easy ontology creation and management. Persistence mechanisms of KAON are based on relational databases.




Related Projects

KAON Extensions

Extensions to the KAON Ontology Management Framework.

Aorw - This projects implements approximate ontology reasoning methods.

This project implements the Approximate Ontology Reasoning Framework which consists of a number of components for approximate reasoning such as Screech, AQA and Benchmarking tool. Furthermore, it provides an array of tools which are useful for easy-access to ontology processing and reasoning on the top of the well-known KAON2 and OWL-API.

Harmonise Mapping Framework

hMAFRA is a set of tools supporting semantic mapping definition and data reconciliation between ontologies. The targeted formats are XSD, RDFS and KAON.

Idlab-scrod - FPGA firmware + PC software to control and readout waveform sampling ASICs for high-en

FPGA firmware + PC software to control and readout waveform sampling ASICs for instrumenting subdetectors in high-energy physics experiments. Closely related project: http://code.google.com/p/idlab-daq/ The following is a photo of an electronics module for Belle II bPID readout. It consists of 128 channels of 2.7GSa/s @ 12bits per sample Wilkinson ADC readout (via 16 waveform sampling ASICs), controlled by an FPGA with data streaming out over a 3Gbit/s LC-LC duplex fiber optic link. An array of