Kanji Database Project

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This project aims to develop and distribute the database for Japanese Kanji (or CJK Unified Ideographs) for Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646.




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Taka Kanji Database

Taka is a free database and supporting software about Kanji (Japanese characters). Its aim is to make Kanji easier to learn and research by allowing exploration of the many patterns and relationships linking them together

Kanji-notification - A kanji memorization program. Every few seconds it display a popup window with

Kanji-Notification is a novel tool for kanji memorization. Every few seconds it displays a popup window with random kanji. The kanji database is stored in a simple XML file and can be easily customised. Kanji-Notification is written in Python.

Japanese-vocabulary - A simple vocabulary program for studying Japanese.

November 16th, 2007 : UpdateI'm in the process of moving this project to SourceForge. It is now called Benkyou and can be found here. I am in the process of adding new features to the program as well as creating a web based version that I will be hosting on my website. The web based version will allow you to create custom vocabulary files and download them for use with the stand-alone application, as well as allow you to practice your vocabulary in a web browser if you prefer. Please check the n

Yarxi-pl - Console interface to Yarxi dictionary.

Yarxi.pl - кон�ольный интерфей� к базе данных �ловар� Ярк�и. Это �торонний проект! Оригинальный Ярк�и, разрабатываемый Вадимом Смолен�ким, - �лектронный �пон�ко-ру��кий �ловарь иероглифов � оригинальной �и�темой пои�ка по радикалам. Его �айт: http://www.susi.ru/yarxi/. В�е благодарно�ти

Kueri - Search through kanji definitions

KuerīLookup kanji based on meaning, readings and stroke count, in multiple languages. Get itDownload it, then extract and run kueri.py. See the README for more details. Kuerī uses the KANJIDIC dictionary files. These files are the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, and are used in conformance with the Group's licence. Online versionThere is a half completed web version here. kanjidic2sqlitedbThis script converts a supplied kanjidic2 xml into an sqlite databas

Kanjiteacher - An interactive Kanji teaching application with a handwriting recognition

This project uses state of the art Chinese/Japanese handwriting recognition methods in order to provide an Kanji teaching application with an error correction. Conceptually, the application is an e-learning environment for Japanese characters, intended for the foreign learner of the Japanese language. In order to provide more than a multiple choice method, like most other systems, the application contains a handwriting recognition engine that can be used preferably with a handheld device like a

Unihan-sqlite-3-database - Allows users to manage the Unihan.txt file from Unicode.org

This system is based on the SQLite 3 relational database engine. It uses the Unihan.txt tagged database from Unicode.org and an awk script (which uses gawk extensions) to create a normalized SQLite 3 database which can then be used either interactively, or by executing SQLite 3 script files to obtain table data which can then be imported into spreadsheets or other DBMS systems. Since there are bindings for SQLite 3 for a number of popular computer languages, this project could also contain Pytho

Hanyu-cidian - A free Japanese Input Method dictionary for Chinese classical terms.

'HANYU-ZIDIAN' ProjectThis open project's goal is to provide a free Japanese Input Method dictionaries for Chinese classical terms for scholars and college students.These dictionaries covers the terms and characters of Chinese classical literature, history and philosophy. Though, they do not support Chinese input methods, but they support most of the major Japanese input methods (like MS-IME, ATOK, EGBridge, Kotoeri, SKK). Especially, the Kanji (or maybe I shall say Hanzi) dictionary supports ov

Stdamg-memorii - Vocabulary in the cloud

MemoriiWhat?Web interface designed to put your vocabulary into the cloud. What is done?Web interface- Authentication - Account creation form - Add/delete/rename folders - Add/delete/edit words API- Authentication Work in progress... You can go to http://www.studioamanga.com/memorii/web to test the latest testable version. What's next?Share ideas about e-learning Complete the database specifications Complete the API specifications Code

Yarxi-py - Yarxi.py - конÑ�ольный интерфейÑ� к базе данных Ñ�ловарÑ

Yarxi.py - кон�ольный интерфей� к базе данных �ловар� Ярк�и. Это вер�и� проекта Yarxi.pl (http://code.google.com/p/yarxi-pl/) перепи�анна� на �зыке Python. Оригинальный Ярк�и, разрабатываемый Вадимом Смолен�ким, - �лектронный �пон�ко-ру��кий �ловарь иероглифов � оригинальной �и�темой пои�ка по ради